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Comfort meets nature with Heveya


In this post, The Yak meets with:

Heveya®; an organic and sustainable latex bedding company in Bali, with locations also in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. Their mission is to bring ultra-comfortable mattresses that are closely connected with nature.

The desire for top-quality mattresses that are also environmentally friendly is ever-increasing. Heveya® recognises this need and has been committed to developing bedding entirely made out of organic latex. The star of the show is sourced from the sap of the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis – hence the name Heveya®.

Let’s find out more…

What makes a Heveya mattress different from other mattresses?
Essentially, everything! Heveya® has taken a radically different approach compared to other mattress brands by ensuring our production line provides transparency from the inside out. We only use the best material mother Earth bestows us: Natural Organic Latex. Unlike other brands, we produce our mattresses without the usage of any metals (coils), cheap foams that cause harmful off-gassing, and we also refrain from stitching anything closed. Based on our strong belief in the durability and the elasticity of the latex we use, we built our dream mattress that guarantees your best beauty sleep till date. Heveya® also layers different densities of latex in order to provide the correct ratio of support + comfort that caters to your individual height and weight. As an additional hygiene practice, our mattress comes cased in an organic cotton padded bamboo cover that can be unzipped, removed, and dry cleaned for ultimate freshness, year after year!


What do clients look for in a mattress, and how does Heveya® meet these standards?
From our experience, clients are looking for a comfortable mattress that will not sag easily. Latex’s natural property specialises in maintaining its shape and supportive quality throughout the years. Our clients also prefer to lead a sustainable lifestyle and appreciate that Heveya’s® origins come from an Organic Latex Forest – where no pesticides or fertilisers are used. Our transparency not only applies to the production line, but also to the great service provided by our sleep-experts and no-nonsense sales tactics. Heveya® mattresses can also be customised with ease for couples that require different density needs. For example, a petite partner that requires a soft density side with a heavier partner that would need a medium density side – all within the same bamboo cover.

What inspired the creation of the Heveya® brand?
Our founder, Stefan Magnus, has been in the mattress industry for over 25 years. He has experienced everything from mattress ticking (covers) to latex and PU foam layers, and was tired of continuously seeing his materials glued, stitched, and marketed under coil-brands. Stefan was ready for a radical change and was also passionate about a sustainable lifestyle, hence what inspired his move to Bali and sending his son Julius to the Green School.


What makes Heveya eco-friendly besides its natural latex?
Heveya®’s vision consists of 3 pillars: Naturally Comfortable, Environmentally Sustainable, and Socially Responsible. Our organic mattresses and bedding are made with our customers’ well-being and comfort in mind. In terms of sustainability, we are also on the way to becoming our own standard of approval where we only work with suppliers that are certified organic and are willing to keep educating themselves to become progressively sustainable in their business practices. This would include reducing waste water, using recycled packaging, and becoming carbon neutral. Heveya® is working with an agency to calculate our carbon footprint so as to aim on becoming certified carbon neutral through initiatives in the upcoming year. In terms of responsibility, we sponsor the Sumba Hospitality Foundation that sends 2 students annually to get an education in F&B. This year, we have 2 new students: Dela and Cavin, who send us uplifting letters about their progress monthly. We have also collaborated with YogiLab on the HappyMattress Project that donates mattresses to needy children in Bali.

To learn more about Heveya®, to read their blogs, and to purchase their sustainable goodies – please click this link here.

We hope to see more role models like Heveya® creating an ideal future that supports sustainability and wellbeing. Thank you so much for your time and for creating this eco-friendly mattress to aid in our best beauty sleep to date!


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