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Born In Britain, Now In Bali

CIDER – a.k.a scrumpy, as it’s known in deepest darkest England – is fast becoming a popular choice amongst the Bintang and wine crew. Albens, as Indonesia’s very first true cider is labeled, boasts Albens Cider Original – with an authentic sweet and sour flavor; Albens Mango Cider – exotic and tinged with mango; and Albens Strawberry Cider – with a burst of exciting sweetness and a luxurious pink silhouette. At 4.9% alcohol it’s a thirst-quenching alternative that doesn’t knock you out too early in the day! Available at over 1,000 outlets throughout Indonesia, all you have to do is “ask for it by name”.



SEEN as an underdog in a market bullied by three major breweries, the Stark label is fast becoming a lager to be reckoned with. Their varieties, based on Belgian White, include Wheat, Dark Wheat and a Low Carb variety – which is low on sugar but still retains a five per cent alcohol level – so it’s more fun and less fat. All natural with no preservatives, this homegrown beer is big on flavor and freshness … unlike the big boys who have a harder task of quality control once the bottle has left the building. So head down to their own branded bar/restaurant/nightclub – Stark’s House Bali on Jl. Legian, near Sky Garden – to taste the best of Bali beer straight from source. Stark is available at other bars and retail outlets around the island, and, in fact, all over Indonesia.
Tel: 0361 766689 www.opco-indonesia.com

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If It’s A Moscato It’s A Must

IF you fancy something fresh and fruity with accents of pineapple, melon and dried peaches with a touch of spritz (very light bubbles) then prepare your taste buds for the newly-arrived Dragonfly Moscato. This sweet, sexy wine has only 8% alcohol so is fabulous to quaff at any time of day or evening; by the pool or at the bar; with spicy Asian fare or tout seul with your gals pals… (this wine is not restricted to women only – but we like to think of it as crisp, clean and refreshing with a slight tingle – just like the women we like). Available at reputable establishments and direct from our Cellardoor.
Tel: 0361 767422 www.TwoIslands.co.id/dragonfly