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Villa, Soka – HOSHINOYA Bali

Introducing New Journeys to Japanese Hidden Gem and Retreat

Embark on a wellbeing odyssey at HOSHINOYA Bali resort.
Bringing Japanese culinary excellence for guests at Restaurant.
HOSHINOYA Bali introduces Sukiyaki, its flavorful culinary art of Japanese fine dining with a view. Executive Chef, Mitsuaki Senoo, brings to the table a hot pot cuisine like no other, a culmination of his depth of experience and the usage of superior quality ingredients. The Sukiyaki consists of sliced beef striploin, vegetables, tofu, and shirataki with Onsen-tamago poached egg. The sweet sukiyaki sauce, Warishita, is made from soy sauce, sugar, and mirin, giving a sweeter flavor, intense fragrance, and increased umami. Priced at IDR 480,000 ++ per person. Available for lunch or dinner at Restaurant


Sukiyaki – HOSHINOYA Bali

More than just an iconic resort, HOSHINOYA Bali provides guests with peaceful moments that reflect the rich Japanese culture during their stay. New activities introduced at the resort include “Origami Challenge” where our origami artist will guide guests to create cranes, butterflies, Ninja weapons, and many more shapes. This calm, fun, and easy to follow activity is designed to entertain kids and adults.
Available daily from 4PM to 6PM, no reservation required.


Origami Challenge – HOSHINOYA Bali

To elevate the journey of tranquility, HOSHINOYA Bali offers “Welcome Matcha”, guests are invited to enjoy a cup of matcha, powdered Japanese green tea. The carefully prepared tea is served with Japanese confectionary, Dorayaki. Matcha tea ceremony represents the Japanese philosophy of beauty and hospitality. Guests can relax in nature and appreciate its authentic aroma and rich flavors.
Available daily from 2.30PM to 4.30PM, no reservation required.


Welcome Matcha – HOSHINOYA Bali

For those who want to re-discover Indonesian and Balinese culture,  the distinctive “Batik Saya” activity, where guests are invited to experience hand-made batik creation is now available. Using copper stamps of traditional Balinese patterns made for HOSHINOYA Bali by Japanese Batik artist, Yuka Ueda, guests can apply wax and color the fabric by hand, to create their own unique batik.
Available daily starting from November 20th in two sessions, from 11AM -12 noon and 3PM – 4PM. Reservation required one day in advance by 4PM.


Batik Saya – HOSHINOYA Bali

Origami Challenge, Welcome Matcha, and Batik Saya are complimentary activities, exclusive for in-house guests.
Surrender to the cascading romance of valley-side escape and feel refreshed by lush jungle views. Inspired by the richness of Bali’s spice and herbs, the Spa offers the ritual of Balinese Traditional Boreh. This all-over warm tension-releasing experience begins with a back massage using essential oils.


The indulgence continues with a scrub and Balinese boreh wrap, that warms the body and senses with a plethora of Balinese herbs and spices traditionally used for muscle fatigue and tiredness. Complete the treatment with an herbal salt bath for ultimate relaxation. A 90-minute ritual priced at IDR 1,400,000 per person. Available daily at the Spa from 10AM to 7PM, reservation required, exclusive for in-house guest only.

To stir wanderlust and inspire future holidays in HOSHINOYA Bali, guests can now engage with the brand through social media presence on Instagram @hoshinoyabali. Contents are carefully curated travel inspirations, made to provide guests with the ease of access to bookings and the latest information.

Book our limited offer for domestic residents only, up to 40% discount from regular price.
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Early Bird and Stay Longer offers are also available for an extended journey of wellbeing.
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