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Scion Charlotte Spence has a plan for all you luxury, globe-trotting party vagabonds. Behold the House of Karma.

Charlotte, can you give us a brief background of who you are, and what brings you here today?

Hey, of course! This feels like a first date. I’m a 26 year-old Brit, currently based between Sydney and Bali (the dream!); I moved over to Australia for university about six years ago and have been lapping up the sunshine ever since. I’m really excited to be chatting to you today and keen to share a fun new project I think you’ll like the sound of . . .

What are your current passions?

I take after the rest of my family, so travel is really important to me and has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. Nothing excites me more than exploring new cultures. I’m also a drama kid at heart so I love the theatre, live music, fine dining . . . or just a good old party to be honest.

IG @Atomic.Blonde_ Who is she and when did you discover her?

Haha! Atomic Blonde is my latex-wearing, tech house playing, DJ alter ego! I discovered her about four years ago, when I realised I could turn ‘playing my favourite music to my friends’ into a viable side hustle. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to play a whole host of my favourite events in Australia, alongside my DJ partner ‘Dutch Kiss’. We’re all about self-expression, uplifting music and high camp fun.

You are about to launch House of Karma. Briefly, tell us what it is?

House of Karma is an U35 members’ collective for the world of luxury travel and experiences. Drawing on the beauty of Karma’s current resorts, we’ll soon bring this to the next generation of ‘luxury rebels’, with pop-up festivals, wellness retreats, out-of-the-box experiences and networking events, both at Karma destinations and in our members’ home cities.

You are finally working for your father?

I am, and it’s really quite lovely so far! Dad and I have a lot in common in that we both have that entrepreneurial streak, and see Karma more as an entertainment industry than a hospitality one, so it’s great to have that initial common ground with my ‘boss’. I’m also massively inspired by him and have been my whole life, so working alongside him is a privilege I don’t take lightly. Pitching to him is still rather scary though – he’s tough!

Do you have any other siblings joining the ranks?

Yes! My sister and brother are both a bit younger so still at Uni and school but I have every confidence that they’ll be joining me soon. My sister is heading to do her first Karma sales training in India in a couple of months and I’m sure my brother will follow suit – once he finishes tearing it up on the school cricket pitch of course!

What are the strengths and touches that you, as a woman, will bring to what is typically seen as a male dominated service, a members club?

Oh, good one. I firmly believe that everyone should have a seat at the table or a foot in the door, and so I’d like to think that what I’ll bring to the world of members clubs is a whole heap of inclusivity. Yes, of course, there is an element of ‘selection’ involved, but I actually like to refer to House of Karma as a ‘collective’ rather than a ‘club’. Essentially, if you’re ambitious, open-minded, and down for one hell of a party, then we’d love to have you at our place.

What type of person would a HoK member be?

A House of Karma member is someone just like me; a luxury rebel, pampered vagabond, or hedonist who craves the unexpected and the reprieve from routine. We’re chatty, ambitious, and always looking for the next big adventure . . . with a side of fabulous!

Can you tell us more about the Bali launch?

Absolutely. We’re planning a huge party down at Karma Beach to celebrate our big launch on 13th June. After a VIP long lunch we’ll be opening the beach up to the masses, with drag queens, international DJs, signature ‘House of Karma’ cocktails and a whole lot of dancing in the sand. Come by and get a sense of what we’re all about!

And the international roll out?

Following this, we’ll be hosting our first ‘Founding Member’ networking events in Sydney and Perth, taking that signature Karma experience to Australia, before expanding across the globe later in 2023.

House of Karma is highly inclusive. Can you tell us about some of the LGBTQIA+ events you have in the planning?

Inclusion is something I am hugely passionate about and will never stop fighting for, and so at the heart of the House of Karma will be HEAPS of events for my LGBTQIA+ icons and allies. Think ‘detox and retox’ retreats at Karma destinations post-Mardi Gras, LGBTQIA+ networking nights and hot parties co-hosted by queer clubs all over the world.

More bang for your buck. Can you tell us what perks and privileges members can enjoy on joining?

It’s honestly a bit of a ‘too good to be true’ thing! Our members will benefit from nights of free accommodation at our resort destinations, huge discounts across spa, F&B and rooms year round, a bespoke ‘pimp my villa’ package, and invites to exclusive events both at Karma resorts and in their own cities! And that’s not even to mention all the members-only experiences we’ll be curating – think boat parties on the Nile, party weeks in Mykonos and a glamping festival on Gili Meno…

How does the House of Karma benefit from the global aspect of the original Karma brand?

I think that is what makes us unique. Karma already has so many breathtaking destinations, so half my work is done in that respect! Now it’s just about leveraging those locations and turning them into the perfect playground for all my like-minded House of Karma souls.

And vice versa, how does the group benefit?

To quote my father, “any great company recognises the need to evolve as new generations emerge” and I think that is just what we are doing here; moving with the times and bringing a whole new tribe of ambitious, experience-seeking young vagabonds into the Karma fold.

Lastly, you are looking to create global FOMO around HoK member’s wristbands. Any hints at how you intend to achieve this?

This is something I’m excited to see evolve. Let’s just say I hope to see House of Karma memberships soon become a must-have fashion statement. Get ready to see an influx of ‘HoK’ bracelets hitting the wrists of those around you soon . . .

Tel: +62 361 848 2202; +62 811 38203360 

IG: @wearehouseofkarma