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Ian Kusuma – Marcomm World


Originally this QnA was planned for all those fabulous Marcomm people that kept Bali’s hospitality brands ticking across all mediums… However, since C19 came along a few of these talented professionals have had to find other employment …

The Yak tracks them down and asks “Where are you now?”

Name, age (if you want to tell us) and where were you born?

Ian Kusuma, over 30 years old, Denpasar.

When did you come to Bali?

Since Day 1 of my life.

Do you have family here? (We include your furry friends into this question). 

I do, many, home family, office family, work and hang out family.

What brands have you worked for over the years?

Hard Rock Hotel Bali and W Bali – Seminyak (currently here).

W bali

Nineteenth of March 2020. When you first heard of the Bali “stay at home” / #dirumahaja regulation what went through your head?

Netflix, food, online training, exercises, beach, Ubud, cinema, friends, and family. 

What was your company’s reaction to this regulation?

Our company has been very reactive in following the authority’s suggestion, at the time we were given the opportunity to work from home with all of the support they can provide.

How much longer did you work for the company?

Still right here right now ?, hopefully for many moons to come.

What backup measures did you start putting in place when the writing was on the wall? (Covid 19 regulations were extended).

To think forward on what we will do for the business (and personal life), moving forward once the restrictions are eased.

What was your mental state and how did you move forward into a more positive attitude?

I was positive and always trying to embrace the bright side of the current situation.

Finally, what are you doing now?

Working hand in hand with all the hospitality warriors, in preparing for the better Bali when the travel trend bounces back!

Particularly right now? Sipping a green tea Frappuccino in my favorite coffee shop in Seminyak while getting ready for our next happenings in the hotel.

Definitely let us know if we can support you and we very much hope to catch up all together at some point soon. Until then, we salute your perseverance and strength! 

And readers do please go and support these fabulous people in their positions and companies!