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IGNITE – The Splendor of Nusantara

Annual gala will take place on Saturday, May 21, 2022 at the Green School Bali campus


What: IGNITE 2022 will celebrate Indonesia’s rich culture with the theme “The Splendour of Nusantara”. Every aspect of the evening will highlight the ways we cherish Indonesia’s abundant beauty – from Sabang to Merauke. Join us for reception, dinner, unparalleled performances, and auction- Expect to be enchanted and inspired to preserve Indonesia’s stunning natural environments. Most of all, expect the unexpected! Our annual IGNITE gala has dazzled guests since 2018, and this year is no exception.


Why: The island of Bali has always been enchanting to everyone who visits. The beauty of both its nature and its people never fails to captivate. Green School Bali, the bamboo school that is built in the middle of the jungle, has pioneered sustainability-driven education since 2008. Its founders, John & Cynthia Hardy, built the school on a foundation of philanthropy and with the goal of giving back to the school’s local community as well as to the island of Bali that it calls home. Through the school’s Local Scholarship Program, which is managed by the Green School Bali Foundation, 77 local students have been able to pursue a world-class education and realise their potential to be changemakers in the world.


IGNITE is one of the most important ways we support these local scholars. More than just a charity gala dinner, IGNITE is an evening designed to ignite change. With the authentic touch of Bali, IGNITE is always a night to remember for those who have supported the Local Scholarship Program in years past. All of our attendees are passionate about children, education and sustainability.


Where: IGNITE always takes place in the beautiful, bamboo Green School Bali. All the guests will immerse themselves in a series of surprises that leads to the auction. All the auction items are priceless with all the auction results and pledges will go to support the dream of 33 local changemakers that are currently studying in Green School Bali.


When: Saturday May 21, 2022

Who:IGNITE 2022 is a collaboration of maestros, artisans, and changemakers living in Bali. Indonesian fashion designer Asha Darra, founder of Oscar Lawalata Culture, will showcase her hand-made traditional masterpieces. To complete the evening, dinner will be put together by the world-renowned restaurant, Nusantara by Locavore.

Individual Tickets: $575

Reserve your seats at ignite@greenschool.foundation
IG: @greenschool.foundation

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