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An unusual spirit from the Batukaru Rainforest in Bali, Karusotju contains a unique ingredient. This crafted spirit has a sweet-potato base.
The Karu 38 label comes from the distillation of the unique fermentation of yam, a long aging process, and it’s bottling – at 38% alcohol.
Karu 18 is the lighter version, after the aging process, there is a watering down process to reduce the alcohol percentage to 18% alcohol, making it easier to drink and suitable as an aperitif.
Tasting notes: floral – like flowering trees in a rainforest; fruity, predictably complex with a hint of bitterness of pomelo on the tail.
The taste is nostalgic for some and new for others and is very smooth tasting for a spirit. Definitely one to be discovered and enjoyed!

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KAJA Craft Spirit is the pioneer of Craft Vodka and Gin in Indonesia using 100% grain-based alcohol, brewed and distilled in-house, with a focus on attaining international quality. Its unique flavor cannot be found in any other spirit, and comes from six unique Indonesian botanicals, harvested from an exclusive farm and handpicked traditionally. This brand helps support Indonesian local farmers.

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