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HIRO Drinks

HIRO Make drinks that people talk about!

Offering two drinks designed to elevate mental wellness, HIRO harness the healing power of nature creating products for modern consumers, that transform your life through deeply rooted traditions and new innovative techniques.
We understand how hard it can be to take the first steps towards feeling better. So we are on a mission to have people realise their power, change from within and be their own hero! That’s why we spell HIRO with an I. HIRO Focus – a delicious and healthy alternative to coffee, a natural energy drink, an alcohol alternative or a boost when you are feeling low.
With just 15% the caffeine content of a regular coffee, Focus gives you energy without the crash and is 100% natural. You’ll feel energized for hours as the benefits of this drink are long-lasting. HIRO Sleep – Transition from wakefulness to a calm, relaxed and into a deep sleep state – a 100% natural, safe and non-addictive way to fall asleep.
Our HIRO Sleep tonic is designed for those looking for deep restful sleep as well as nervous system restoration.

IDR 60,000 Per 250ml (Sold in packs of 4)/IDR 220,000 Per 1ltr Bottle (Available on gojek)

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 Junglegold POD

Junglegold Bali

Junglegold Bali – The World’s First 100% Plant-Based Chocolate Factory
We started making chocolate in 2010 as ‘Pod Chocolate’. It’s been an incredible decade and we’re now proud to be taking a new step in our evolution as we rebrand to become ‘Junglegold Bali’. Same company, same people, new and exciting vision for chocolate and the future.
Do you want to celebrate your special day? Let’s celebrate with us by sending Special Gift Hampers Exclusively by JUNGLEGOLD BALI. Give healthy chocolate products from JUNGLEGOLD BALI to your family, friends or colleagues.
Get a closer look at our special Hampers offering with an exclusive assortment of dark & creamy chocolate in various flavors by Junglegold Bali. Start from IDR 399.000 – (available on Tokopedia)

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IG: @junglegoldbali