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Indulge in a Culinary Symphony at Paoman Restaurant – A Blend of Local Delights and Spectacular Landscapes

Inara Alas Harum

Paoman Restaurant, part of Inara Alas Harum, beckons you on a culinary escapade where flavours harmonize seamlessly amidst the breath-taking vistas. It’s an invitation to relish a culinary mosaic that elegantly fuses local inspiration with the mesmerizing backdrop of unspoiled rice paddy panoramas.

Derived from the Balinese word ‘paum,’ denoting a gathering or meeting, Paoman epitomizes its essence as a space for dining and community. This ingrained tradition, steeped in Balinese cultural heritage, finds its timeless abode in our restaurant, encompassing 165 square meters and accommodating up to 40 diners across three distinct sections: an indoor dining area featuring an intimate, air-conditioned enclave, and an expansive outdoor space.

Inara Alas Harum

Paoman offers not just a meal but an ambiance adorned by sweeping views of verdant rice fields. Its snug design weaves a mood brimming with warmth and sophistication. Chef Nyoman Sumerta meticulously curates dishes, utilizing only the freshest, handpicked ingredients to craft a culinary symphony that tantalizes the palate. This casual dining sanctuary prides itself on utilizing 90% locally sourced produce, fostering nearby communities and ensuring unrivaled freshness.

The menu is a blend of Indonesian and international flavours, thoughtfully including vegetarian options. Chef Nyoman’s culinary artistry extends to personalized menu adaptations based on seasonal, meticulously chosen ingredients, promising an ever-evolving culinary odyssey for every guest.

The breakfast menu boasts enticing selections like Avocado on Toast, Savoury Burritos, Pittaya Bowl, and Tofu Scramble. As day transitions into evening, immerse yourself in culinary wonders such as Brown Carbonara, Tuna Loin, Bebek Betutu, Udang Bakar Merah, Kare Ayam, and Trio Babi. These dishes exemplify the diverse and tantalizing offerings that adorn the table at Paoman, a true oral symphony of tastes.

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