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Magia II Sets Sail In The Spirit Of The ’60s

Inspired by pleasure craft of the 1960s, Magia II is a stunning teak luxury yacht that sails to exotic islands and dive sites around the Indonesian archipelago. The owner sat down with us to give some insight into the inspiration behind the unique design, decor, and destinations.

Magia II

Jacopo, what inspired you to build Magia II?

In my family we’ve always been fascinated with wooden boats. My grandfather owned several Sangermani boats, and now I do as well. Sangermani is a shipyard located in Lavagna, Italy, on the northern Tyrrhenian coast, and within the sailing world it is regarded as having produced some of the most beautiful and elegant boats between the 1950s and 1970s. The boats were built in collaboration with some of the most prominent architects of the time. Today my family sails with Magia, a 1960s yawl designed by Sparkman & Stephens.

I’ve lived in Asia most of my life, and in the past three years, I’ve spent as much time as possible in Indonesia, which has among its many treasures some of the last standing craftsmen in the world who are able to build wooden boats. I wanted to have the experience of building a wooden boat and following the project from the start. The design for Magia II was inspired by the 1960s motor yachts, because in my opinion, that period of time was when some of the most iconic boat designs were produced. I believe they were the result of the optimism that the West was feeling after World War II. Lastly, Indonesia has 18,000 islands and undoubtedly the best way to discover the nation is from the sea, so we built a boat.

Magia II

Can you tell us a bit about Magia II’s birthplace and how she was built?

She was built in Bira, south Sulawesi, an area that is dedicated to shipbuilding where the trade has been passed down through the generations. The craftsmen know how to build boats with only a few tools and most follow their instinct rather than calculations. This produces boats with a soul, unique pieces for one to care for and experience. There may be some imperfections but then what is perfect? It took over six months for the structure to be built. The hull had already been built by the same shipyard, but we completely changed the design of everything else, so we consider it a new build. She was then transferred to Bali to complete the interior and installation of the plumbing, electricity, machinery and sailing instruments. The interiors are pretty spectacular.

Magia II

Can you tell us a bit about some of the curated pieces?

I’m glad you asked this because we tried to bring as many elements as possible that will allow our guests to feel like they are surrounded by beauty and comfort. We also did our best to match local crafts with elements from abroad. All the fabrics are Indonesian, as I believe that no other place on the planet, or at least not many, have as much variety in design and colour combinations. In the VIP cabin we have an antique batik hanging behind the bed. In the master cabin there is a Japanese painting that my father bought, and in the guest cabins there are two vintage prints representing maps of Asia. In the living room we installed hand-painted wallpaper from France, and the silverware, crystal glasses and lamps are from Italy. We also have some Indonesian pieces, such as a lacquerware and chests that are beautifully decorated. Last but not least, we installed the frame of a Balinese door to separate the kitchen from the rest of the boat.

Magia II

What is your absolute favourite destination that Magia II cruises to and why?

So far I’ve only been to Komodo and Flores, but soon I will visit Raja Ampat and the Spice Islands. The Indonesian islands are truly unique and mysterious and the sea is richer than anywhere I have seen. The people are pure and kind as in few other places in the world, but then I suppose they are born in paradise. Every island has its own culture, language and unique patterns displayed on the fabrics. They cover several time zones and harbour different religions. I hope that the people will be able to protect this country and the nature. It is their duty as much as it is the visitors’.

In your opinion, what sets Magia II apart from other luxury cruisers in Indonesia?

Every boat owner has a particular relationship with his boat. When it comes to wooden boats, I have the impression they are alive. The wood is a moving element and this makes wooden boats different from the metal ones. I will not talk of plastic boats, because if the Lord wanted us to sail on plastic, he would have made the trees of plastic (this is a famous quote that is well known among wooden boat owners, lol).

Magia II is a work of love and care, and she has a design that I have not seen anywhere else. While building her, we always had comfort and beauty in mind, so our guests have the best possible experience while exploring the archipelago. She also shares the name of my first boat in the hopes that she brings a little bit of Mediterranean magic to the Indonesian seas. This also marks the fact that she is part of our family and we will take good care of her. Oh, and I believe we are the only boat that has a Jacuzzi on the terrace, so there’s that too.


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