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John Hardy Bali – Seminyak, So Much More Than a Long Table

John Hardy

We would definitely not fault you if you should find yourself in the John Hardy Showroom in Seminyak and assume that it had been there for years! For a start there is a gorgeous JH ‘brand’ sign that clearly states 1975, and upon entering you would notice unique antiques, stunning hand-crafted ceramic pieces; batik, handwoven textiles, basket and an array of John Hardy jewelry that quite literally makes your pupils dilate with desire.

John Hardy

However, today we are not here to make a purchase. We are actually here to enjoy the hand-crafted cocktails, fragrantly infused with archipelagic flowers, spices, fruits and barks, on the shaded and breezy balcony, over-looking temple gates and the expanse of tiered, green grass reminiscent of this island’s world renowned rice terraces.  You have to be asking yourself if you are in Seminyak? Surely this showroom has been here for years? Actually – not.

Opening as recently as 2019, the John Hardy Showroom in Seminyak brought us a sigh of relief from not having to travel so far to enjoy the John Hardy experience of shopping and lunching in their unique Kapal Bamboo Workshop and Showroom, which is a trek in the vague direction of Ubud.

John Hardy

Here, in Seminyak, the two story building is not only dedicated to John Hardy’s delicately hand-crafted designs but is also here to provide us, locals and tourists alike, a clear glimpse into the fabulous flavours of Indonesia.

John Hardy

Starting upstairs, with the mocktail/cocktail menu – it’s good to know that all drinks can be served avec or sans spirits – local ingredient craft cocktails go up against the jamu inspired cocktails, all using imported alcohol with mouthwatering names: Jinten Berry Sour – uses cumin leaf shaken with trijata berry shrub; the Sarapan-tini – Cold-pressed coffee, imported tequila, jackfruit infused arak; The Kakek; the Nanas; the Gumitir Kintamani garnished with marigold leaves and my favourite, Holy Water – kemangi leaves muddled with sandat flower, light imported rum, lime juice, sandat flower-infused gin, served over ice and garnished with a fragrant sandat flower. Prices vary from 55k with no alcohol, up to 180k not including tax or service.

John Hardy

Heading downstairs to the Long Table, book for as many or as few people you want for this shared, single table, eating experience, (20 pax max depending on your current bubbles). Look over to the open-air coconut-husk grill/over to see part of your meal being cooked; the immaculate kitchen preps the rest. Whatever is on the menu comes straight to the table and is eaten as an ensemble of flavours. There is Ayam Kampung Tanah (free range chicken cooked in a mud clay pochette) Cakalang Asap – smoked mackerel shredded and stir-fried with turmeric leaves, leek chili, garlic and kemangi leaves. Tumis Paku – Stir-fried fern tips; Lawar Klungah – very young coconut, long beans with bumbu Bali; Kalumpe – cassava leaves, braised in coconut milk and baked and served in a coconut shell, all accompanied by Nasi Liwet – hi-grade, infused, steamed rice. Close the meal with an es cendol – Indonesia’s famous shaved ice dessert. These are the fabulous flavours of Bali, set within a divine ‘postcard’ view of a Bali temple gate and swaying bamboo, right in the heart of Seminyak. Divine John Hardy!

Long Table Lunch currently @250k (usually 350k) OR @350k with a glass of Saba Grappa

Book Your Table Here: Seminyak@johnhardy.com

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