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Jyoti’s Art To Wear

Artist Jyoti Parenco talks to The Yak about her life, loves and collaboration with fashion brand Biasa as they launch their art-to-wear project of numbered kaftans, scarves and sarongs.

Hi Jyoti, can you tell us a little bit about your background?

Iโ€™m the youngest of four, and I grew up in a heavenly piece of nature in the middle of the city. I was surrounded by boys and we spent our days climbing trees and making tree houses. I was a real tomboy then and still am now. I also come from a very artistic family of musicians, couturiers, architects, jewellers, and diamond cutters. My mother was and still is an amazing couturier, and she taught me how to make my own clothes at the age of 13. At the age of 22 I decided I wanted to experience different cultures, so I travelled through Europe, Africa and Asia. Later I drew on those experiences to design accessories for luxury homes. There has never been a dull moment in my life, and Iโ€™ve never stopped creating.

At what point did you realise that you had a passion and talent for art?

Never really, because it was just so normal and natural to be passionate about all beautiful things. I suppose the passion for art and beauty is part of my genetic heritage.

Can you describe your artistic style to us in one or two sentences?

Organic fantasy, magical, bold, and full of feelings.

How about your own personal style?

I love boots and jeans combined with original big bold pieces from my personal jewellery collection. Iโ€™d call myself a sophisticated and eccentric rock and roll girl.

What is a typical day like for you?

Every day starts with me opening my eyes to the rising sun and smiling at nature. To me nature is art, and every day that art piece changes in front of me. After greeting Mademoiselle Soleil, I have my coffee and then I grab a canvas or start designing some jewellery.

In your opinion, what is it about Bali that attracts so many amazing artists from around the word?

Bali has an amazing energy, and the combination of spirituality and art just keeps your fantasies going. Then of course there are the smiling people and the unique culture. I mean just walk down the street in any small village and you only see beauty and smiles. What more could you want as an artist?

How did your partnership with the BIASA fashion brand come about?

I met Susanna at one of my exhibitions in Europe, and we started talking about the possibility of combining my art with the lightness of BIASA fabrics so that we could create limited edition artworks to wear and not just to hang on the wall.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the Art to Wear project?

Each piece begins with organic materials on canvas. I make my own natural paints from roots and leaves and I finish off each canvas with 22-karat gold. Then I use a digital printer to transfer the images to silk.

What do you hope people take away of your artwork?

A light blessed feeling and warm loving energy.

Do you have any advice for other aspiring artists?

Just be yourself, love nature and embrace the unknown.

Where do you hope to be 10 years from now?

Today is today, tomorrow is tomorrow!

Any last words of wisdom?

Life has its ups and downs, heavens and hells. The trick is not to run away from anything, but instead to find a healthy balance and grow. We only grow by encountering, accepting, and dealing with obstacles. Ignoring them or raging over them will keep you at a standstill.