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Kappa Senses Ubud Celebrates 1st Anniversary by Giving Back to the Community with CSR Project

Kappa Senses Ubud

Kappa Senses Ubud, a brand-new, luxury French resort-spa, located in the green, yet rural, rice fields of Banjar Tanggayuda, Kedewatan, Ubud, is celebrating its 1st anniversary by launching a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project aimed at giving back to the local community. As part of the Resort’s commitment in promoting sustainable tourism and community engagement, the resort is inviting guests, non-guests and cycling communities to participate in this project.

Kappa Senses Ubud

Kappa Senses Ubud has chosen to focus its CSR efforts on improving the learning environment for the children of Tanggayuda, Kedewatan, Ubud. The renovation of the elementary school aims to provide a more conducive space for education, ultimately enhancing the future prospects of the students. Through their CSR project, Kappa Senses Ubud hopes to make a meaningful impact in the village of Tanggayuda; Providing a better learning environment and a brighter future for the children in the village.

Kappa Senses Ubud

Kappa Senses Ubud’s CSR project will be funded through a variety of initiatives. Guests can contribute to the renovation project by booking the “Stay with Purpose” package – for stays between September and December. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds will go towards the school renovation. Kappa Senses Ubud is also extending an invitation to the cycling communities and non-resident guests to participate in the following two meaningful events, namely, “Cycling with Purpose” and “Brunch with Purpose” both being hosted on the14th of October 2023, whereby 50% of the proceeds will be dedicated to the project. Additionally, last month, on the actual date of the anniversary, 22nd of September 2023, Kappa Senses Ubud presented “Management Cocktails” inviting all in-house guests to enjoy and participate in an auction for a future Kappa Senses stay, food and beverage, and spa vouchers, in addition to some bidding items from the resort’s floating boutique.

The impact of renovating the elementary school in Tanggayuda will be far-reaching for the community. The improved learning environment will contribute to the overall well-being and academic development of the students. Furthermore, the renovation project will contribute to the overall development of Tanggayuda Village, showcasing the positive outcomes of sustainable tourism and community partnerships.

Kappa Senses Ubud

“We believe in giving back to the community that has welcomed us with open arms. We are proud to support the renovation of the elementary school in Tanggayuda, Kedewatan Village, and we invite our guests, cycling communities and non-resident guests to join us in making a difference”, says Santi Triana, General Manager of Kappa Senses Ubud.

As Kappa Senses Ubud passes its 1st anniversary, this CSR initiative demonstrates the company’s commitment in giving back and promoting sustainable tourism. By investing in the future of Tanggayuda Village, Kappa Senses Ubud sets an example for other organizations to engage in meaningful community projects.

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