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Karma House Kollective

Conscious business is the future and being selfless is sexy at Karma House.

Karma House is creating a new standard for the future of business with a team on a mission to create a world that inspires connection through giving by merging tattoo, yoga, art and charity culture into a sexy and fun way of life. It’s more than a business, it’s a movement.

Bali saved Aren Bahia, Karma House CEO, and gave him his life back. He has been dedicated to giving back to the magical island ever since. Karma House is a reflection of that. His team makes giving back cool. As clients tap into new layers of themselves they are able to give back to the local community. At the Grand Opening Party, they raised 47 million Rp (about $3000) for the Lombok earthquake relief. To date, they have raised in excess of 100 million Rp for Lombok.

The giving is in the hands of every customer that walks through the doors. Each guest votes on which charity to support through the use of Karma ‘Koins’. The Karma House team facilitates partnerships with local outreach like Bali Children’s Project, a non-profit that provides educational initiatives for underprivileged youth on the island, to create real impact. At the end of each month donations are shared among the represented charities influenced by the Koins received from guests.

In early February Karma House launched the #HappyMattress Project to raise funds for purchasing beds, sheets, and pillows for Balinese children who have otherwise sleep in substandard conditions. The goal was 100 beds for 100 kids in 100 days. To date, this initiative has raised over $14,000 and made possible the purchasing of nearly 150 beds, as the campaign continues on.

Karma House is a temple of transformation.
The new concept space allows people to explore spirituality in a badass and accessible way. Spirituality isn’t about wearing sacred geometry or how many crystals you have. It’s about connecting with the community, connecting with yourself and connecting to your spirit (whatever that means to you).

At Karma House, their doors are open to everyone and let go of spiritual exclusivity. There is something for everyone to try – whether you’re interested in enjoying an adaptogenic tonic , highvibe elixir, or vegan snack, experiencing a breathwork journey, tantra workshop or creating art through intentional tattooing. Karma House creates ceremonial tattoo experiences based on Balinese traditions. Intention setting, smudging, Balinese water blessing and breathwork are a few of the unique components that are a part of the tattoo experience. From transformation at the individual level, to transformation at the collective level, Karma House is making conscious living sexy.

“We want you to come and be the most authentic version of you there is while finding connection through giving. This is where you come to lighten up, let your hair down and dance like no one’s watching.” – Aren Bahia (Karma House CEO) Background on founder, Aren Bahia Aren Bahia is an expat living in the spiritual hub of Ubud, Bali, where yoga, green juice and the spiritual path are ever-present. Aren felt like the intent behind Ubud’s spiritual movement was becoming a little hard to grasp and realised the spiritual movement was actually creating a barrier driving separation rather than connection.

“My primary objective with Karma House is to bring spirituality to the fringes of society while giving back to the island that changed my life” Bahia says. “Ubud is already saturated with high vibe spirituality, and we dig it, don’t get us wrong. But we want it to be accessible to everyone.” – Aren Bahia (Karma House CEO)