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Katamama Kool

kat You’ve got to give it to the PTT Family—when they embark on a new venture, they definitely don’t do it half-assed. The Katamama is the latest kid on the block in the Potato Head Beach Club neighbourhood, and oh what a venture it is. Designed by renowned Indonesian architect Andra Martin, every aspect of this 58-suite boutique hotel was created using the finest local artisans with understated luxury in mind.


Throughout you will find Indonesian materials like Balinese bricks, teak, and hand-made tiles, plus curated artworks, furnishings and vintage collectables hand-picked by owner Ronald Akili. The hotel is also home to the Akademi bar, created by award-winning mixologist Dré Masso; and MoVida, the acclaimed Spanish restaurant from Australia.

Tel: 0361 302 9999                                                     www.the-katamama.com