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Styling ++ Ozlem Esen
Photography ++ Angga Pratama
Models ++ Dom and Anastasia

Biggie smalls and slayers t’s from Kuta markets jewelry Ozlem Esen.

Rainbow jumpsuit by KTZ
Sunglasses robot heart
Jelwelry Ozlem Esen
Toy by Dashenka

USA tops by A.Muse
Underwear models own
Jewelry Ozlem Esen

Hats by Commes Des Fuckdown and Malakai Homme; Boy London available from Prisoners of St. Petersburg; Black t’s from This is a love song; Underwear from A.Muse, With atg hoodie (hanging); USAtops by A.Muse, Underwear models’ own; Red top by KTZ, Back T available from This is a love song; Socks from A.Muse

Vanguard Hawaiian shirts from Drifter electric; Sunglasses from Drifter
Jewelry by Ozlem Esen