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Leading The Way for Bali’s Wineries

Sababay Winery was founded on the dream of empowering Bali’s farmers by pairing gastronomy with locally produced wines.

The official wine partner of the Indonesian government’s ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ campaign, Sababay Winery has recently built on a newfound love for unique experiences that combine great wine, gourmet regional cuisine and exceptional culture, adding wine tourism to the Bali experience with authenticity, quality focus and creative innovation.

Located along the beautiful ‘Saba’ Bay in Gianyar, Bali, the winery team offer guided tours crafted with passion to highlight Bali’s outstanding creative economic products – from grapes to wines.


Founder and President Director Mdm Mulyati Gozali started Sababay Winery after decades of experience in management and finance. She is the pillar of the brand. In 2010 when the founder witnessed the challenges of grape growers in north Bali, it inspired her to collaborate with the farmers by turning grapes into the best value-added product, which is wine.

Sababay Winery is blessed to have the expertise of a very gifted French winemaker, Guillaume Queron. Born into a wine-making family in Bordeaux, Guillaume has made exceptional wines for Chateau Villa Mongiron and was a top student under the iconic Jean-Luc Thunevin, who started the garage wine movement in Bordeaux .

Together the Sababay team looks at the possibility of matching the world’s best grape varieties from France and Italy to the various terroirs in Indonesia, allowing New Latitude wines to flourish on the tropical equatorial line.


“Sababay Winery realised the importance of innovation and adaption to ongoing global trends while at the same time anchoring it to our motto “New Latitude, New Attitude,” said Evy Gozali, Sababay’s Co-founder and CEO.

This mother and daughter combination believes in job creation for the tourism industry by providing local premium goods, resulting in planting seeds through education and empowering people with technology to reap the fruits of life that are potential for Indonesia.


Getting to know Sababay Wines and their recent yet well-awarded spirit collection, SABA, is a must. Winery and Distillery Tours offer enjoyable events in the company of like-minded wine and spirits enthusiasts.

The first winery tour ever in Bali shares Sababay’s outstanding natural products with the public. Original and authentic, gaining wine knowledge, and wine pairing, is a fun experience for anyone, as they taste their way through locally crafted New Latitude Wines.

The tantalising journey begins with an authentic tour. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, designed to tickle your curiousity and develop your wine knowledge. Discover the winemaking process from start to finish, followed by a wine-tasting session, then unwind in the beautiful garden surroundings.


Made with pride in Indonesia, Sababay continuously shows commitment to the production of international standard wines and spirits that are accessible to all, while at the same time giving back to the local area and community.

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