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Love & O2 Raises Rainforest Awareness

New initiative combines fashion with awareness to create a tropical rainforest park in Kalimantan.

Love & O2

Supported by influential people such as H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco, Melinda Gates, Susi Pudjiastuti, Love & O2 is an awareness campaign, a call for Mother Earth, to preserve and protect the rainforests of Indonesia and inspire people to get involved in environmental awareness.

Founded In 2016 by Delia Von Rueti , Love & O2 donated 2,500 hectares of land with the dream of building the first tropical rainforest park to be enjoyed by generations, with the land status now changed from agricultural to High Conservation Value (HCV).

Called Bumiku Untukmu, the Friends of the Rainforest Park is located in the incredible ecosystem of Central Kalimantan, and is positioned right outside the town of Muara Teweh (7km from Beringin Airport).

Love & O2

“I’m not linked to any NGO or other Charitable Organization,” said Delia. “This is simply my donation to the country I love. We sell our merchandise in the knowledge that all the profit from each item bought will help protect, plant and maintain the park. Actions speak louder than words. “

Through this project she aims to inspire people to help in any way they can. Starting from adding a plant in their garden. She hopes her campaign will grow and reach every corner of Indonesia, as well as the rest of the world. Love & O2 are also producing their own products such as T-shirts and scarfs lovingly design by Delia herself.Revenue from the sale of these products will go towards planting and upkeep of a tree within the tropical park.

Love & O2 also has another brand called ‘Overdozz With Love from Bali’, a healthy food usually known as granola, containing 10 different ingredients. Through purchasing their Brainfood, people help Love & O2 with 15% of the profits going towards their cause. “Everyone and anyone can be a philanthropist by simply having a desire to do good and improving human welfare,” said Delia.


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