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Lucyana Hanjaya, Prudential


The Yak goes one on one with…

…Lucyana Hanjaya from The Pru!!

(Editor’s note: One of the oldest known insurance agencies in the world, the Pru was founded in the United Kingdom in 1848 – globally known as Prudential – the ‘inner insurance circle’ call it Pru.)

Lucyana, can you tell us when did the Pru come to Indonesia?
Over 25 years ago, in 1995.

How long have you been with the company?
I started in 2007, so that is already 14 years ago 🙂

Currently, Prudential is offering great deals on health insurance for Expats and retirees. I have a few quick-answer questions:

Do you offer medical insurance for kids and teenagers? If so what is the approximate cost?
Yes, correct! For children between one years old and seventeen years old (1-17), the cost is between 4 to 8million rupiah/year for medical evacuation within Indonesia with a private VIP room (1 room with 1 bed).


What does an average annual medical insurance cost someone who is 50 years old with a medical evacuation clause?
Depending on the evacuation area someone wants to choose. Different ‘cards’ cover different evacuation areas. E.g Our Bronze card covers only Indonesia. Silver cards cover all across Asia excluding Singapore, Japan, and Hongkong.

Which countries can I choose to be evacuated to?
We have 5 types of cards you can choose from:

  • Bronze (Indonesia only)
  • Silver (Asia excl. SGP HK JPN)
  • Gold (Asia-wide)
  • Platinum (worldwide, excl. USA)
  • Diamond (Worldwide incl. USA)

Is the medical evacuation included in the price of the policy?
Yes, it is.

Is ambulance (road and air) usage included in the policy?
Yes, it is all included.

Can I choose an Indonesia medical-only policy? (ie; only evacuations to Jakarta or Surabaya)
Yes, that would be the Bronze card, which medivacs only to Indonesian hospitals and cities.

Is insurance by Prudential only open to KITAS and Retirement Visa holders?
Obviously we are open to all Indonesian citizens with KTP and for expats and foreigners they must have a Passport + Kitas or Kitap (with minimum of 3 months before the expiry date).

I gather that starting from Rp.4 million/year I can receive around Rp.15 billions-worth of coverage, subject to terms and conditions? What are some of those terms and conditions?
Yes, the minimum cost is 4 million Rupiah, this usually will give Rp. 15 billions-worth of coverage.

The maximum coverage is Rp. 65 billion – which depends on age, being a smoker or non-smoker and the results of a medical check-up relevant to the price of the policy of course.


What is the youngest age that you can insure from?
Almost right from birth, from 30 days old!

Can you please give me an approximate quote? I am 57 years old, I smoke, I have no prior ailments or hospitalizations, and I would choose a medevac to Malaysia if needed…
Based on that info, you can choose a Silver card (Asia excl SGP HK JPN), around 17mill/year.

Can I pay monthly or do I have to pay the policy all upfront?
You can pay it monthly, quarterly, biannually, as well as annually. But you can enjoy a special discount (depending on the promo available when you apply) if you pay one year up front.

What are the rules or conditions for insuring people with prior ailments or injuries?
Simple really, you have to tell the truth. Prudential would find out if you have had a previous condition/ailment and if you had not been forthcoming on buying the policy this could result in Prudential not paying your claim.

Do you arrange corporate insurance – can you give me an example?
Yes, we do. I have corporate clients who buy insurance for their company (members/staff) as additional insurance. There are 3 different types: life insurance, critical illness and health insurance. You can choose allor just one or two.

Do you do family health insurance packages?
Yes, this too can be arranged.

I hear you have a “cashback” pledge? Can you tell us more?
Special for November 2021 we have a cash-back program:
With a minimum payment of Rp.15-30 million/year, you will get a 1 month cash-back, and with payments of Rp.30 million/year and above you would get 2 months cash back.


In under 30 words, why would we choose Prudential over any other health insurance available currently in Bali?
Prudential is the best insurance available in Indonesia with the greatest hospital network. We also guarantee that all policyholders will get a room in THE hospital when they need to be hospitalized. If the room in your package is not available, Prudential will automatically upgrade your room without any additional cost. Finally, Prudential is also a market leader in the insurance world and has been Number 1 in Indonesia since 2001. It will also be around one hundred years from now. Read about it here: A Blue Chip company with excellent pedigree!

Lastly, I gather that all Prudential policies are sold by agents only – what might we need to be aware of to connect with a certified Prudential agent?
Make sure the agent can show you updated certificates and license. All agents need to update their certificates and license every two years.

Lucy – thank you for your time and information. For anyone interested to find out more about Prudential insurance, how can they reach you?
Please leave me your contact here, and I will be more than happy to arrange a time to call/meet at your convenience

Dear Reader: In the past month, I have personally bought a Prudential policy for my 20yr old son, and it comes in at around Rp. 17 million with a cash-back incentive. I am still insured with Healthcare International however I will most likely be changing once my annual policy is up next year.