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Polymath Luna Maya bounces from one project to another – she bounces in to rap at The Yak. Photos: Stephane Sensey.

LUNA, we checked you out on Instagram … three million followers and counting . . . so we want to ask: how in the hell did you become so famous?

Well I’ve been in the film and fashion industry since 1999. All I did was to work and deliver my best. I don’t share much of my private life in the media, maybe the followers are curious so they follow? I don’t know.

If we were to ask someone who knew nothing about your acting career to watch one of your films . . . which one would you recommend?

Ruang: mostly because it is my mother’s favorite choice.

What’s your connection to Bali?

I was born and raised there, my home, mostly because my family still lives there as well as my best friends.

Okay, tell us about how you got started on the fashion merry-go-round?

Basically I got a proposal to this business and it seemed feasible so I decided to join in.

What’s your clothing line all about?

At the end of 2014 I decided to make my own business. I love fashion, and have been surrounded by it. I decided to name the brand Luna Habit since all of the ready-to-wear items are designed according to my tone and taste. Of course I need to follow the trends as well. Our prices are competitive and we very much focus on quality.

We hear you’re also doing something with the Disney studios . . .

Disney was looking to localise their movie Avengers: The Age of Ultron in Indonesia – apparently it was the only market they were going to use a localised marketing approach. Since Avengers, as everybody knows, does not need marketing for the male characters, they decided to highlight Black Widow to attract more female audiences. That’s where I come in as their ambassador a Black Widow. I didn’t even dream of becoming a Disney ambassador at once but, hey . . . sometimes reality is better than dreams. We produced four short video trailers and shareable images. Those were distributed only via online platforms.

Do you need superpowers for that?

Yes, believing in yourself. That’s the ultimate superpower . . .

Tell us about your mum and dad.

My father was a painter, a gifted painter who could not finish some of his works because he had to leave us. He was ill and passed away when I was 12. My mother has a strong passion for garments and batiks. She still produces them until this day. Both lovely people.

What keeps you busy now, and what are you planning for the future?

I spend most of my time working for Luna Habit and some other activities like TV shows and photo shoots.

Describe yourself in three words…

Active, simple and sensitive.

If there was only one thing left that you were able to do, what would that be?

Travelling around the world …

Styling: A.K. Hall. Wardrobe: Ali Charisma. Jewllery: Jemme. Hair & makeup: Kat O’Hara. Shot on location at W Retreat & Spa Bali.

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