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Feel the Maori connection with Nature at Maua: A Luxury Eco-Friendly Retreat.

The unique origin of the Maua brand
The Maua brand has a unique origin, derived from the M?ori heritage of New Zealand, where Gavin M. Faull, the Chairman of Swiss-Belhotel International, hails from. The Maori people consider themselves part of the universe, equal to mountains, rivers and seas, and are the first nation to give one of their rivers the same standing as a living being. The M?ua brand is a perfect fit for Swiss-Belhotel International’s purpose to create an eco-friendly retreat, given the M?oris’ understanding and connection with nature.

First Branded Property on a beautiful island in Bali, Indonesia.
The first property under this brand is Maua Nusa Penida, located in Bali, Indonesia. It is a luxury retreat situated on the hilltop of Gamat Bay and believes in connecting the people and the planet through a mesmerizing experience. The beauty of the island is not only portrayed by its impressive beaches but also its beautiful coral which becomes the favourite place for divers who seek natural getaways.

Sustainability is the brand’s commitment
As part of Swiss-Belhotel International’s commitment to protecting and preserving nature, the property showcases a sense of environmental sustainability throughout the complex. This is evident in the building materials and interior aspects, which feature recycled ironwood furniture and other eco-friendly elements.

Maua Nusa Penida controls as much as possible to reduce recycled paper for all printed guest collateral. It has the complete set up in place for greywater recycling. There are many smaller scale, yet effective initiatives that the property undertakes such as elements with plastic alternatives, emphasis on internal/external e-communication. Also, as part of our commitment to protect and preserve nature, all villas and the hotel building also utilize rooftop gardens. It’s known as green roof (eco-roofs) that provide habitat for birds and insects, sequesters carbon dioxide and other pollutants, purifies the air, produces oxygen, returns the air moisture and coolness through evapotranspiration. As well in terms of culinary, M?ua is concerned with sourcing its local ingredients from handpicked fresh vegetables from our organic garden.

Food & Beverage at Maua
The Food & Beverage offerings at Maua Nusa Penida are specially designed to be an essential ’emotional’ addition to the flavours of the main brand. The specialty all-day-dining restaurant, Kowhai, provides the most natural nourishments available from organic sources. Aroha, means Love in Maori, is a bar concept that emphasises the use of raw products sourced in-house or from local communities, promoting harmony in and around the property.

Holistic experience for guests
Maua Nusa Penida creates a feeling of ‘one-with-nature’ for its guests. This philosophy is a key driving factor behind conceptualizing the product, its offerings, and activities, providing guests a holistic experience while at a Maua property.

Discovering the beauty of Nusa Penida by our luxury car and cycling around the island, specially curated sunset/sunrise journeys along with secrets of Balinese culture, and relaxing with a Maua Spa treatment and Hatha Yoga classes are just some of the ways of exploring M?ua and its surroundings.

Sebastien Menesguen, General Manager of Maua Nusa Penida is looking forward to welcoming you at the resort to take a deep breath and to enter a new restful, authentic and magical world offshore Bali.

Future plans for Swiss-Belhotel International
Swiss-Belhotel International, the management company of Maua Nusa Penida, aims to expand to 530 hotels by 2030. However, the company’s focus is not solely on the number of hotels but on offering what the market needs. Following the success of the first Maua-branded luxury property, Swiss-Belhotel International is in the process of creating a new eco-friendly brand to cater to upper midscale guests.

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