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Māua Nusa Penida Resort’s Commitment to Responsible Tourism, Embracing Sustainability and Empowering Communities

MAUA Nusa Penida

Māua Nusa Penida Resort aims to foster sustainability and embrace eco-friendly practices. The resort takes pride and commits to reducing our environmental footprint while delivering a luxurious and unforgettable experience for the guests through various initiatives to minimize environmental impact, promote a greener future and create a harmonious balance between indulgence and sustainability.

Māua Nusa Penida Resort is committed to sustainable practices, and one of the resort’s noteworthy initiatives is the organic garden establishment, where various vegetables and herbs are cultivated and utilized in our restaurant, ensuring fresh and locally sourced ingredients for the guests. Furthermore, the resort maintains beehives on the premises and produces honey for in-house supply. This initiative adds a delightful touch to our culinary creations.

MAUA Nusa Penida

Māua Nusa Penida also implements a composting system, transforming organic scraps into nutrient-rich soil that nourishes the garden as the ongoing efforts to minimize food waste. The resort strives to create a greener and sustainable future for the surrounding environment.

The resort’s dedication to sustainability is evident in the thoughtful choices, such as utilizing recycled ironwood furniture. Opting for this eco-friendly material will reduce the environmental impact and infuse the luxurious interiors with a rustic charm. Another eco-conscious feature of the resort is the implementation of green roofs, which serve multiple purposes. These roofs effectively mitigate the heat island effect, minimizing heat absorption and reducing energy costs. Additionally, it provides insulation and contributes to a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment.

MAUA Nusa Penida

Māua Nusa Penida is minimizing water consumption and promoting responsible water usage by recycling greywater, which is the water from sinks, showers, and laundry, for irrigation purposes in our gardens and other non-potable applications. It allows the resort to conserve water resources while maintaining the beauty of our surroundings. In line with the commitment to sustainability, Māua has also implemented a “less paper” policy, encouraging guests to utilize digital resources instead of paper by embracing digital alternatives, reducing paper waste, and contributing to a more sustainable future. Furthermore, the resort has taken a firm stance against single-use plastic products and eliminated them from its operations. This initiative helps mitigate plastic pollution and protects the pristine environment of Nusa Penida.

Sebastien Menesguen, the General Manager of Māua Nusa Penida, emphasizes our commitment to sustainability and creating an unforgettable experience for our guests. He states, “At Māua Nusa Penida, sustainability is at the heart of the resort’s culinary philosophy and sourced organic ingredients from local farmers and suppliers, ensuring delicacies in every meal while supporting the environment and the local community. Dining is an opportunity to nourish our bodies and make conscious choices for a sustainable future.”

MAUA Nusa Penida

Māua Nusa Penida participates in the conservation and protection of endangered species by supporting the Bali starling conservation, a critically endangered bird species native to Indonesia, and actively contributing to protecting and rehabilitating the population, ensuring their survival for future generations.

In addition to the resort’s commitment to wildlife conservation, Māua Nusa Penida is passionate about reducing carbon footprint and preserving the natural habitat and elements of the island. The resort showcases 25 villas that offer an enchanting experience, allowing guests to connect with the beauty, romance, and natural island lifestyle. It combines modernist architecture, the original limestone terraces, and the lush flora of Nusa Penida in our iconic landscaped terraces and gardens, enhancing the island’s natural splendor.

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