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Meet Chef Anil Kapoor of Westin Nusa Dua

The Yak went behind the swing doors to meet Chef Anil Kapoor of Westin Nusa Dua – Bali to ask  him a few relevant – and sometimes irreverent – questions…

Westin Nusa dua

Anil, name your kitchen: Ikan

How long have you been in Bali and where were you cheffing before? Six months, I was in Australia for 12 years.

How tall were you when you cooked your first dish? I am guessing about 150cm, I was 12 years old.

What was it and whose recipe did you follow? It was Yellow Lentils, my mother’s recipe.

Who influenced you to become a chef? My own love for food is what inclined me to become a chef. The idea of being around food all day every day.

Your first very own set of knives? And which brand? I don’t own a set of knives, I mix and matched different knives from different brands as my needs require. Brands include Wustof, Victorinoix and some from Japan.

Make us a picnic. (Wine included) Sourdough bread loaf, cultured butter, homemade dips, sliced smoked chicken, poached fish, rocket salad, brie & assorted nuts, fruit trifle, watermelon and Grant Burge Abednego (Shiraz Grenache Mourvedre).

Your best hangover cure? Sleep and take it easy.

Name your top three garnishes. Depend on season and dish.

Top three herbs? Lemon Thyme, Greek Basil, Wild Oregano.

What turns you on? List the ingredients to your most potent aphrodisiac dish. Dark chocolate sea salt caramel, dark chocolate, chilli.

The weirdest ingredients you have ever used? Witchetty Grub,

Your philosophy to cooking is? To improve is to change, to be perfect is to challenge and challenge often.

What most freaks you out in the kitchen? Chaos and disorganisation.

Name your favorite vineyard at the moment. Clonokilla Canberra district wine.

How important is organic for you and where are you sourcing your organic meats and veggies from? In Westin we have program called ‘Eat Well’ under which one of the top priorities is to use organic food whenever possible. We source the food mostly through Marriott’s cluster procurement.

I am English, I wonder if you know what a greasy spoon is? A restaurant that serves fried foods like fish and chips shops at a cheap price!

How long does it take you to peel and chop an onion? Time yourself please. 55 seconds.

Pinnacle moment in your career? Not come yet.

Name your favourite dip and give us the recipe, please!

Homemade Temper Labne

Mustard seeds, Curry leaves, Oil,  hung yoghurt and seasoning.

Heat up the oil until it starts smoking, add mustard seed and curry leaves.

Remove it from fire and pour over hung yoghurt and mix with salt and pepper .

If you had to be reincarnated as a dish, what dish would that be? Palak Paneer (Garlic spinach with cottage Cheese).

To you, “Cooking is a meditation, a creation, a…? (continue this sentence in less than 15 words) …Healthy and delicious meal.

How would you cook Green Eggs and Ham? Whip the egg white and add pureed garlic spinach. Gently cook the egg in olive oil. Sauté ham in a pan and serve with sour dough bread and avocado slice.

Which of the jobs in the kitchen helps you de-stress? Chopping vegetables, butchering and making cake!

Who do admire in the world of cheff-ing today and why? Daniel Hum, his minimalist, seasonality and artistic approach towards food is inspiring.

What is your instagram? anil.kapoor

One last word of advice to ours (and your) followers? (You can give us a few actually). Take care of yourself and focus on what is important for you.

Thank you for taking the time out. (Now can we eat?)

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