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Meet Nutritionist and Naturopath Zoë Palmer-Wright

Zoë Palmer-Wright – nutritionist and naturopath – talks to Karen Donald about her role in helping women to become empowered creators of their health.

Despite their similarities, health coaching, nutritionist and naturopathy are unique professions that differ in distinct ways. A health coach discovers what habits to change and uses goal setting to get positive results, whereas a nutritionist helps clients choose suitable foods, plan menus and learn about healthy eating habits. Naturopaths, on the other hand, are wellness providers who use natural remedies to help the body heal itself.

Zoë Palmer-Wright is qualified in all three areas, and she specialises in helping women balance their hormones, improve their skin and streamline their digestion so they feel happier, more confident and in control. Zoë helps women who are struggling with fatigue, anxiety, irritability, skin breakouts, bloating and other common complaints: providing natural, practical and measurable solutions to women’s health issues online.

A former principal lecturer at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, Zoë offers one-on-one Health Coaching Programmes online, with a high level of support and ongoing interaction to determine the underlying cause of symptoms – addressing them naturally. From there, clients are asked to make changes to their lifestyle and diet to help them regain balance and steadily see improvements. Zoë is trained to completely shift the way people nourish their bodies, prescribing a personally-tailored plan with a bespoke diet, natural supplements and lifestyle advice with tools to help clients achieve an optimum state of health.

Having conducted over 5,000 health coaching sessions as a health educator, Zoë doesn’t just tell her clients ‘what to do’, she explains exactly ‘why’ and ‘how’ it will benefit them – helping them to understand their bodies and the root cause of their symptoms so that clients can be empowered creators of their health and vitality moving forward. Throughout the programme clients have consistent contact with Zoë in the form of coaching sessions, emails, videos and written guidelines to apply what has been learnt practically.

Zoë Palmer-Wright

Zoë utilises nutrition, natural supplements, botanical medicines, detoxification, mind body techniques and combines them into a fully integrated wellness approach. All of her recommendations are bespoke to the client and their specific health issues and wellness goals. She tends to use a mixture of herbal tinctures and capsules, teas and foodstate powders (alongside other natural supplements such as vitamins and minerals). Regardless of its form, a botanical medicine needs to be high in quality, as close to its natural state as possible (free of toxins, additives), and efficacious for Zoë to recommend it.

Zoë applies alternative medicine due to its effectiveness (results can be absolutely transformative) and also because alternative medicine is empowering – putting the power and control over your health back in your own hands. It’s also very safe (‘First, Do No Harm’ is one of the core, six principles of naturopathy). Naturopaths like Zoë address the root cause of problems rather than just suppressing symptoms, which is extremely important because if you just suppress then you are masking the issue, and often creating a dependence on the medicine (which may result in unpleasant side effects). However, Zoë also values Western medicine and always works in an integrated way with doctors, recognising Red Flags and referring back to them for further testing or assessments whenever necessary.

Zoë Palmer-Wright

One of the main health challenges that occur as a result of living in Bali and the tropics, says Zoë are yeast infections. They are absolutely rampant and manifest as fungal skin and nail infections (white patches), thrush, jock itch, foggy thinking and abdominal bloating. Skin problems are really common too, such as acne, and prematurely ageing skin – not forgetting digestive issues, ‘Bali belly’, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and parasites. Her online three-month Coaching Programme is ideal for people who have been struggling with chronic symptoms and are ready to tackle them at the level of root cause by changing aspects of their diet, lifestyle and mindset.

Zoë has just returned from the Middle East, where she launched her first book A Beautiful Balance – A Wellness Guide to Healthy Eating and Feeling Great. She is launching a healthy meal delivery business in Bali soon – Superfood Meal Plans offers a unique concept with incredible, functional menus that harness the power of food as medicine and are designed to help people with some of the most common health issues in Bali – like skin, hormonal and digestive issues, in addition to helping them achieve specific wellbeing goals.

Zoë Palmer-Wright

If you’re interested in finding out more info on being coached by Zoë, you can book a free 30-minute discovery call with her at https://calendly.com/zoepw

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