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Meet Vault Mastermind Paul Tamin

As an underground behemoth and relative newcomer on the night life scene for the bustling backstreets of Canggu, Vault has become the dedicated dance floor of choice for many residents and informed travelers alike. Having hit the ground running with a dream team of musical and production minds, Vault nightclub director Paul Tamin has a venerated track record as nightlife operator having run Eikon nightclub down in Kuta for years along with other venues around town.

While some open air watering holes have had to contend with sound constraints and keeping the neighbors happy, the minds behind Vault chose to change levels, literally and move the magic underground, creating a musical catacomb for modern dance floor lovers to enjoy. Take a trip down to the bunker with us for a quick chat with the man behind the madness…

Vault nightclub

So Paul, when and how did you first come to Bali? Any first impressions you can recollect?

I first came to Bali in 2000, which was my very first visit. I was shocked and in awe of the peacefulness, the culture and the people on Bali are so kind. I remember the first time I stepped into the Intercontinental hotel in Jimbaran, I thought I wasn’t in Indonesia, it felt like Hawaii or something.

Growing up – was your family musical or related to the entertainment business?

My family was not related to the entertainment business at all. It all started in college, I always threw house parties and also I was in charge of the music. Even for my cousins and friends’ weddings, they always asked for my help to make a mixed tape or CD. I wish I could be a deejay also someday.

Vault nightclub

How did the formula for Vault come together?  

It’s really very simple actually; one night we were drinking with my cousin Joko, thinking of ways to create a venue without any noise pollution to the neighbors and surrounding area, then BAM…the underground club was born.

What’s new in the pipeline for Vault and Tamora Gallery?

Vault will have more exciting and new things to come – we want to focus more on differentiating the music styles to attract various audiences. Just wait for our announcements!

Vault nightclub

How does the rise of Canggu as a destination compare to the old days of Kuta? Best lesson learned?

It’s actually almost similar; Kuta back in the day was also very laid back and chill with lots of rice fields around. Canggu has been rising for almost five years now and still growing. Best lesson learned is don’t wear Bintang T-shirts in Canggu.

How do you see social media affecting tourism?

In these days, social media is everything. Everyone has Facebook and Instagram and they are constantly on the phone checking for new information, so for the nightlife and tourism, they need social media to get better awareness.

Vault nightclub

You operate at the interesting nexus between real estate and night life brands – how do you see the current future for Bali in these areas?

Bali’s future still has a long way to go. There are a lot of areas on Bali that are not very well known, such as on the south, west and eastern shores.

What would you most like to see happen for Bali’s future?

Cleaner conditions and less traffic with better garbage management.

Vault nightclub

How do you best enjoy your time away from work?

Surfing, sports, dining and sleep.

Any mantra or quote you like to live by?

I believe in Karma.

What’s your dream?

To own a private mansion which has basketball, tennis and indoor soccer courts along with an underground man-cave.

Favorite footwear?


Thanks for your time online Paul – keep those engines humming and the dance floors pumping for those dedicated weekend warriors. The cocktail bunker room is also available for private events and warm up parties before heading into the main room. Stay in the loop for upcoming events on their website or Insta.