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Meet Westin Chef Davide Allievi

Let’s cut to the basics of name, birthplace and erm… shoe size!

My name is Davide Allievi and I come from a small town which is half way between Milan and Como Lake, it’s called Barlassina. Well, I wear shoes size 47, so it’s not always easy to do shopping!

Your first visit to Bali was when? And who were you with?

The first time I came to Bali was in September 2018; I came here with my girlfriend and we had an amazing two-weeks trip between Bali, Lombok and Gili Islands.

Any memory of that first visit?

I was shocked by the infinite things to do that the island offers; between pristine beaches, historical temples and wild nature it is impossible to get bored.

Cities you’ve lived-in and why?

Despite my relatively young age, I had the chance to live in many different cities between Italy, UK, China and now Indonesia. It was always job-related as I’m really passionate about learning different cultures and cuisines.

Tell us more about your time in China!

I’ve been living in China for 5 years; it was my first time in a Country so far away from home and so different; however, it’s a place full of culture and possibilities; I had the chance to meet incredible people and to grow both as a person and as a chef. In the kitchen, I managed to find the right balance between local ingredients and the unique Italian flavors.

Was it always a dream to go to Bali and work?

As I said, I’m really passionate about discovering new cultures, new flavors and traditions, and of course Bali reflects all these aspects.

Please tell us a bit more about what it is you are currently creating at Prego

We’re currently developing an entire new menu where people can have a taste of some of the most traditional Italian dishes, starting from the home-made pasta and other typical dishes from the Italian heritage. At the same time, we’re organizing different monthly special promotions, where every month we dedicate few special dishes to a specific theme or ingredient.

Westin Prego

What do you like about the products that you can get here?

I love the fact that in Bali is so easy to find organic ingredients; this is a warranty of tastefulness and health.

Name your favorite herb.

Basil. It’s the symbol of Italy and every time I smell it in the air I can’t not think about home.

Whose dish do you love to recreate and what is it?

I grew up surrounded by incredible women who love cooking, these include my mum, my grandma and my auntie. They could spend hours cooking incredible dishes for the entire family and it was a great occasion to stay together. At Prego, I’m trying to recall the same feeling, by bringing some of the most typical Italian dishes to our guests’ table.

Where will you be eating on your day off?

On my day off I usually try to discover the local flavors, visiting different local restaurants to see if I can re-use some of the ingredients in the kitchen.

Favourite Indonesian restaurant, favourite dish and drink?

My favorite Indonesian Restaurant is Ikan for sure, they serve the best Nasi Goreng I’ve ever had, while Jamu is my favorite local drink as I love the idea of healing your body through spices and herbs.

Thanks for your time, we’ll definitely be popping by at Prego Bali in the next few weeks!

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