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Mind & Body Wellness

We have been in this pandemic for more than a year now and it is tough for any of us. This is why The Yak is dedicating this shared series article on mind and body wellness to help our readers and followers find options to release the extra stress that 2020 – 2021 has put us through. Recommendations on places that focus on the body and mental wellness-specific activities and healing programs. Places to go to unwind and rejuvenate after a year of mental exhaustion. We want you to know that help exists

Four Seasons – The Yak interviewed Luisa Anderson

The Yak interviewed Luisa Anderson – Regional Director of Spas for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts at their new digs in the foothills of Jimbaran…

Four Seasons


Oneworld Ayurveda

We dropped into Oneworld Ayurveda, South East Asia’s leading Ayurvedic Centre, to find out how they manage to make a detox retreat blissful and “easy”.

one world retreat


The Power of Sound Healing At Pyramids of Chi.

Hearing the vibrations calling, The Yak sat down with the Pyramids of Chi Founders Peter McIntosh and Lynn McIntosh, and chatted about the inspiration, the guests and the healing sessions – all done in the name of Sacred Geomancy.




Having experienced a couple of other-worldy solace floats, we really wanted to know more about the company and the people behind this stress –relieving, inspiring and mind-freeing practice, so we caught up with Co-Founder of Solace Float – Aaron Turner…



The Place Retreats – The time to heal is now…

We are all currently realizing that physical health cannot be separated from mental health, and the latter has so much influence overall. Anxiety, depression, emotional abuse, self-esteem issues, addictions, anger management…that list is undeniably long

The Place