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Mkhanh is the name behind a growing fashion label – minimal, subtle, and rude. Images: Yasmin Suteja

MKH, where are you from and what’s your back-story?

I’m French Vietnamese, raised in Asia and America. I’ve been a designer and stylist for seven years.

How would you describe your style as a fashion designer?

My label is creative, minimal, rude and subtle.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in the fashion world over the last 10 years?

Just the volume of fashion. Every field has more and more people, entrepreneurs. Which is really exciting and crazy inspiring.

Why did you start an online fashion zine that focuses on NOT wearing clothes?

It’s not about not wearing clothes. It actually is a fashion photography magazine. I started it because I needed to see what people outside of Bali were thinking and doing. What kind of work and art they were creating . . .

It’s the colour, the rawness, and femininity in Nude that inspired its name.

What inspires your work?

I draw a collection around a theme usually inspired by a place, an era … the style is inspired by people around me, friends, creatives, passers by.

What separates the truly great designer from the average?

The greatest designers marked their time because they created clothes that echoed a culture or a social change.

What’s the worst thing about the fashion industry?

The labels that just have bad taste. There’s no such thing as bad style but there is such a thing as bad taste.

What’s Bali’s place in the fashion world?

A lot of exciting brands and projects come out of Bali. It inspires a more modern and international fashion community than other place in Indonesia. And they export that to the rest of the world. It’s no longer only a production destination, it nurtures creativity as well.

You’re a mother. What’s the best bit about that?

There are too many things to say. Watching someone grow, learn, and change every day is pretty cool, it gives me perspective.