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Movenpick Move Toward Global Chocolate Recognition

Magical moments are being made at Chocolate Hour every day at Mövenpick Bali… Happy World Chocolate Day – July 7th.


The very first chocolate was introduced to Europe in the year 1550 on July 7th, therefore July 7th is celebrated as World Chocolate Day. Chocolate can not only be considered healthy – especially dark chocolate which has greater health benefits, helping to sharpen focus and memory, even protecting our brains from ageing, it is also mouth-meltingly delicious!


‘Chocolate Hour’ is one of the unique ‘Mövenpick’ Brand Signatures, and available at all Mövenpick hotels across the world. This daily, global celebration takes place every afternoon, as part of their ‘we make moments’ Brand Vision. Their ‘Chocolate Hour’ is globally loved by all styles of families and especially the young!


At Mövenpick Bali, the regular ‘Chocolate Hour’ is celebrated at the Katha Lobby & Library Lounge. A Chocolate fountain combines with a wide selection of sweets and confections, bombons and candies, a perfect treat for you and the children.


Ubud Raw Chocolate

In celebrating World Chocolate Day, they collaborate with one of Bali’s finest raw & organic Chocolate producers – Ubud Raw Chocolate. Uniquely creamy and delicious, Ubud Raw Chocolate is made from just two super-food plants: cacao and coconut. Made with the best organic cacao beans grown in Bali, all Ubud Raw products are vegan, gluten free, GMO free, with no refined sugar, no preservatives, no chemicals or additives whatsoever. The founders of Ubud Raw also take part in supporting local chocolate farmers as well as developing local communities.

The team at Mövenpick and Ubud Raw Chocolate hopes this special occasion can boost more awareness of the vast, locally grown chocolate resources in Bali that support the local farming community and with this daily event provide more insight and knowledge of the many benefits of chocolate.

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