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Reopens – We are Thrilled!

Following an eleven-month closure due to the global pandemic, Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique reopens its doors on the15th December of 2022.The enforced year-long lay-off allowed in-depth reflections of examining past achievements, these reflections also included pondering on the many accolades given to the Founder and Head-chef, Chris Salans and his Mozaic Team, a restaurant widely considered to be Bali’s best fine-dining venue over the past two decades.


Mozaic’s reopening celebrates past achievements while simultaneously seeking to redefine the true meaning of “culinary excellence.” As it was in the beginning, so it is again for the restaurant’s reopening and so it will be during the process of redeveloping this vision forward. In the words of Chef Salans: “I couldn’t just reopen Mozaic. It wouldn’t make sense. I had to rethink Mozaic for it to last another twenty years. So, I decided to partner with an ex-associate chef at Mozaic, Blake Thornley, who’s 20 years younger than me. Working as a team, we will deliver a revamped, fresh Mozaic experience.”

Mozaic has been a pioneer of fine dining in Bali for over 20 years and helped to establish the island as a leading Asian culinary destination. Mozaic is the only restaurant in Indonesia that is a member of Les Grandes Tables du Monde (Best Restaurants of the World) – an association composed wholly of two and three Michelin-starred restaurants.

Mozaic has built a solid reputation for showcasing Indonesian spices, produce, and seasonal products prepared and presented following the uncompromising dictates of modern French cuisine. The newly reopened Mozaic Restaurant remains passionately committed to using select local ingredients, artfully presented, and catered with professional passion.


The re-christened Mozaic Restaurant will see award-winning Chef Chris Salans partnering up again with Chef Blake Thornley. Blake worked as an Executive Chef at Mozaic from 2010 – 2015. Later, in 2017, Chef Thornley opened several restaurants in Shanghai, China, winning several awards, including “Best Restaurant in Shanghai”.

With the reopening, many veteran team members are returning to Mozaic. This includes Balinese Cok Senajaya, Mozaic’s highly regarded restaurant and wine Director, who returns to the restaurant he helped open two decades ago. Also, many of the original opening team members have returned to recapture the proud culinary legacy that has become synonymous with Mozaic.


With the reopening of the Bali culinary landmark, Chris Salans and Blake Thornley are combining their decades of global fine-dining expertise to bring new excitement to Ubud’s restaurant scene by modernizing the feel of Mozaic in ways that are both contemporary and inviting. Chef Blake, drawing from his love of natural flavours and colours, has overhauled the interior design, emphasizing green colors and natural wood finishes. The dining room is air- conditioned and furnished with contemporary seating.


The most obvious change at Mozaic is in the menu. Food offerings now bring delectable moments of surprise and discovery never before seen in Bali. Nature and life converge with feelings and flavours to create something totally fresh! “As my uncle used to say, “Fresh is best!'” says Chef Blake.


Newcomers and returning guests will encounter the same “Mozaic Experience” of unparalleled visual food presentations and tasteful discoveries that have successfully delighted diners over the past two decades. Today, Mozaic remains a sensory experience beyond compare – feasting and satiating in equal measure both the eye and palate.

Seating is limited at Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique, with reservations now available for dining starting from the 15th of December 2022.

Bookings can be made online via the Mozaic Website www.mozaic-bali.com

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