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My Red Envelope: Cash For Caring


Have you ever dreamed about receiving an envelope in the mail that would answer all your problems? Maybe it’s a letter telling you that you’ve won the lottery or that you have a distant relative who has passed away and left you their fortune. Or perhaps it’s an acceptance letter for your dream job or scholarship. For the majority of us that letter may remain nothing more than a dream, however, you can make another person’s dream come true with a little help from My Red Envelope.

My Red Envelope creates partnerships between businesses and local charities so that those businesses can help affect positive change in the communities where they operate. Once a business pairs up with a charity and agrees on a specific fundraising goal, the business will put aside 10 per cent of whatever My Red Envelope customers spend towards that goal. When the goal has been reached, the business will present the charity with a red envelope containing the funds.

This system is designed to work at a community level as an active example of social responsibility. It recognises that most businesses want to do good for the communities in which they are based, and that they value the chance to be good corporate members who contribute to the health and wellbeing of those communities. It also recognises that tourists and consumers want to do good as well by choosing businesses that give back to people in need.

So far My Red Envelope has brought together an impressive array of businesses and charities in South Bali. For example, Lacalaca is working with the Bali Children Foundation to create education scholarships for disadvantaged Balinese children; Zibiru is working with the R.O.L.E. Foundation to provide zero waste education in South Bali, and Spa Bali is working with Bali W.I.S.E to provide a six-month hospitality training course for disadvantaged young women.

To find out more about businesses in Bali that are contributing to the greater good, visit My Red Envelope’s Facebook page where they will keep you in the loop about various partnerships, campaign successes, and fab fundraising events like cocktail parties, lavish lunches and decadent dinners where 10 per cent of the proceeds will go towards making dreams come true.