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Nagicia, Satu Cinta


You can wine or dine me on Valentine’s but there is nothing quite like jewelry, and this year Nagicia’s latest collection embodies friendship, loyalty and ‘ideals of family’ – The Satu Cinta Collection is the ultimate symbol of love and unity. (Satu Cinta = One Love)


Crossing cultures and oceans, Nagicia has beautifully combined traditional Irish essences with Balinese symbolism. This traditional Gaelic claddagh ring, infused with the energy of Bali, embodies love, loyalty and friendship and are ideal gifts of these sentiments that you’ll definitely want to share with friends, family and loved ones, especially with those so far away.

The Satu Cinta ring, whether for romantic, platonic or familial reasons, gives love, the expression of devotion and unity in these modern times.

“Sharing them with those around us helps us expand our own hearts, and ultimately our human experience.”


Know that each ring is loviginly designed and crafted on our beautiful island of Bali, by skilled Balinese silversmiths, who lovingly create each piece as a reminder that Bali is always in our hearts.

Whether a Valentine’s Day gift or one to celebrate Chinese New Year – The Year of the Ox – “grounded, loyal, gentle and trustworthy”, the Satu Cinta ring is a “most beautiful” expression of those sentiments.


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