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Sophie D. finds a fountain of youth at Nano.

nano philosophy
ANTI-AGING or pro-juvenation? It’s a choice. Personally, I try to eat healthy, organically and I recycle my trash and compost, so leaning towards pro-juvenation makes sense, as some of the rest of my life choices aren’t ideal. I smoke, I drink and I do not work out that often. So hearing the philosophy behind Nano Philosophy was a welcome, in fact a line-lifting introduction into what I have dubbed ‘pro-juvenation’. Personally I prefer the positive use of ‘pro’ than the more negative use of the prefix ‘anti’.
The international team behind Nano Philosophy aims to deliver, amongst other treatments, 100 per cent natural-based organic wellness and anti-aging beauty treatments and body enhancements. I like the organic sound of this; I like natural-based products. And yes while they are mostly “injectables” under their care and gentle hands and the tiny size of the needles, I realize that I am no longer, or need to be, the needle-phobe I once was.
Immediately drawn to the Nano cocktail – you can imagine why – I get to balance my body’s needs on the essential vitamin and mineral levels, all in a one-stop, in a delivered-straight to-your-cells kind of way. Increased wellbeing, vitality, energy, improved mood and more importantly memory and concentration, do I notice a difference? Yes, I do.
Next on my wish list is to lessen the ravages of my misspent youth! (I’d argue with the description “misspent” – I had a ball!).
For this, their Super Lift is the go-to treatment. A mix of active ingredients, which are way too difficult to spell, or read, in this article, but I gather bamboo and a fish extract are the main ingredients. The important factor here is that they work. Depending on each person’s choice as to how many years they really want to shift off their faces, different amounts and gaps between treatments are advised. Personally I am happy to turn back the clock by about six to eight years – and then try and stay there! This fabulous treatment can also be used on arms, abdomen, legs and buttocks – however I’ll leave those areas alone for another few years.
Ozone Therapy is next on the must-do list. Ozone detoxifies the blood, helps cleanse the arteries and veins, purifies blood and lymph, normalises hormone and enzyme production. Regular ozone therapy is fabulous for the immune system. Yes, you start feeling as good on the inside as you start looking on the outside.
Other treatments offered by the Nano Philosophy team in their immaculate, boutique clinic on Jalan Raya Seminyak include:

  • Nano needle-less Delivery System using the trio of Thermo-therapy, Ultrasound and Thermage – a fabulous transdermal infusion.
  • DNA Protection using Astragalus Root extract – this improves digestion and blood circulation; increases flexibility of joints and discs; enhances sex drive, stamina and energy levels; assists in regenerating cell tissue and organs; lightens and stabilizes everything from skin tone, facial pores to weight.
  • Liposlim Slimming Therapy – which increases metabolism, liver function, increases energy, reduces bad cholesterol – obviously the slimming therapy is to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and light exercise.
  • Homeopathy Therapy – healing on all levels.
  • Cell Therapy – repairs damaged cells; assists the body to self heal, prevent aging and disease.

Does Nano offer better treatments than others on the market? As far as I gather others’ modus operandi is to inhibit the connection between muscle and nerve, in a freeze-like fashion. At Nano the products relax and allow for full exchange of information between nerve and muscle resulting in a more natural, youthful look. And does it make a difference? Does it work? Oh yes it does, and thankfully not in an obvious “you’ve had work done” kind of way. Keeping it as natural as possible all the way.

Tel: 739372 www.nanophilosophy.com