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Nara Villa Canggu

What’s the hype, tell me what’s a’happening? The best way to find out what all the fuss is about in Bali’s popular destinations of Canggu and Pererenan, is to book you and your family into Nara Villa Canggu!

Nara Villa Canggu

Launching in May of this year, this brand new, five-bedroom luxury villa has come onto the Canggu villa rental market with a resounding cheer! Whether travelling as one big family, a couple of families travelling together, or a few friends that are moving as one, up until now, there has been very little on the rental market catering for these larger “stay-as-one” groups.

Nara Villa Canggu

Strategically located, barely five minutes from Pererenan Beach and surrounded by excellent restaurants, pubs and cafes, you and your family or group can check out the new vibe on Bali’s most popular streets.

Still surrounded by rice fields, Nara Villa Canggu still gives you the best of both worlds – the rice paddy green of the Bali countryside, and the hip & fashionable beaches and pubs of Bali’s newest destinations. The immaculate service of the iNi Vie Villa team, and the bustling streets of Canggu. You don’t even need to book out the whole villa, as the iNi Vie Hospitality Group have also tailor-made Honeymoon, Romance and Celebration packages for this, and their other many villas.

Hard to ask for more really!

IG: @naracanggu

WA: +62 822 13022899