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New Style From Kate Wood

There isn’t a better accessory that updates your style as fast as a pair of brand new frames. Here’s the latest from Kate Wood.

A must-have part of any fashion lover’s wardrobe, it’s no wonder spectacle trends are so popular. Whether you wear them with prescription lenses or plain, as a fashion statement while strolling the city, modern eye-catching glasses can seriously give your look a refresh.

2020 brings a lot of stylish specs looks and favors the bold – but don’t worry if bigger or colorful aren’t your thing —  there are lots of revamped classic shapes that are just as much in style.

First up, the Milan Wooden Sunglasses. This model is reminiscent of legendary cars like the Porshe 917 and of men like Steve McQueen, who raced themselves glory.


Milan Wooden Sunglasses

“We put an original bold spin on the classic aviator shape,” KW told us. “In homage to Milan archetypal architecture mixed with innovative fashion scene, we took the classic aviator shape and paired it with an original bold frame. To the point – much like in Milan, we confidently did exactly what we wanted.”

kate wood

Paris Wooden Sunglasses

The striking and unique grains highlight the beautiful wood on the Paris. These exquisite sunglasses can be worn with every outfit to compliment all looks from casual to the most glamorous.