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Sustainable Luxe at Nirjhara


Introducing Nirjhara, a resort redefining sustainable luxury that offers a secluded jungle experience with a side of opulence in Tabanan.

Slightly further afield from the popular Balinese villages of Canggu and Seminyak sits Nirjhara, a space where luxury and sustainability meet. Less than a half hour drive, but a world away, the Tabanan development offers ample seclusion for those craving peace and quiet whilst on holiday. Opening in January of 2020, Nirjhara is Sanskrit for waterfall – an apt name for a space nestled amidst natural wonder and mere minutes from tourist haven Tanah Lot Temple and Pantai Kedungu, a scenic beach known for its beginner and intermediate surf breaks.


Drawing inspiration from traditional local villages, Nirjhara offers Balinese charm in spades. A chance to reconnect with nature will greet visitors here; 85% of Nirjhara’s 25 suites face distinctive views of a waterfall, terraced rice paddies and a gentle river. There are 8 River Pavilions, 4 River Pool Pavilions, 7 Canopy Suites, 5 Two-Bedroom Pool Villas, and private haven The Residence to choose from. Each suite is surrounded by the resort’s lush garden, planted with species endemic to Indonesia, immersing guests in nature while preserving the all-important sense of intimacy.


An eco-friendly focus evidently lies at Nirjhara’s core. The resort was created to cater to a new breed of discerning yet environmentally conscious travelers who believe that high end hospitality can tread lightly on the planet without compromising on quality and service. As such, the ethos is a deep-rooted commitment to environmental, social and cultural issues, and every effort was made to minimise the resort’s impact on the surrounding natural world. Nirjhara has also launched a variety of initiatives aimed at reducing its footprint on the ecosystem; Ambu, the hotel’s main restaurant, sources over 95% of its ingredients locally, primarily from neighbouring farms in Tabanan. Furthermore, the resort made the deliberate choice to remove single-use bathroom amenities and eliminate single-use plastic from the entire property.

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The design of the property is equally eco-conscious – materials used throughout construction and furnishing of the resort were carefully selected, adhering to strict sustainability guidelines. Nirjhara made extensive use of recycled, reclaimed and sustainably-grown wood sourced from the archipelago. The accompanying aesthetic is a celebration of Indonesia; Nirjhara has chosen to collaborate exclusively with local artisans from the archipelago to produce bespoke pieces that exhibit exceptional levels of craftsmanship, as well as emerging artists to showcase and promote contemporary Indonesian art.


There’s an array of amenities to keep guests entertained during their stay. Wellness is a key pillar of the guest experience at Nirjhara. The Retreat, a spa which was designed as a haven of relaxation at the heart of the property, draws inspiration from Bali’s rich tradition of village healers, offering a menu of blessings which seek to address present-day ailments through ancestral practices. Guests are also invited to enjoy complimentary yoga and meditation classes guided by local experts, held at The Shala, a riverside yoga pavilion overlooking Nirjhara’s stunning waterfall. The sustainable structure, designed by award-winning green architects Ibuku was built entirely in bamboo to create organic curves that complement its immediate natural surroundings.

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