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Nothing quite like crossing blue water in a BlueWater Express…!

BlueWater Express

Why choose BlueWater Express to get you to Nusa Penida, the Gilis or Lombok? Well, as the longest running fast-boat operator they really know their stuff – if you can think back as far as December 2005 and then you’d have been at their inception!

Blue Water

Serving six (6) destinations, BlueWater Express is a one-hundred (100%) percent foreign investment enterprise, that specializes in high-speed boat transport. Putting security and safety at the fore, they also have the most up-to-date road transport and have consistently won a variety of accolades from tourism professionals such at Pacto Tours and numerous “Certificate of Excellence” from Trip Advisor. As you can see, “Guest satisfaction” is also right up there at the top of their “Must have” list.

Blue Water

A favourite amongst top global tour operators and international travel agencies alike, BlueWater Express is definitely a Yak-preferred method of travel when crossing the Wallace Line, which is known to be a little bit rambunctious at times!!

Blue Water   Blue Water

Three vessels of 50, 60 and 70 seats ply the route between the party islands, and each boat is professionally staffed and captained, they really are well known for their professional approach to all things maritime!!

Blue Water

Re-launching their six destinations on May 16th, it will be a Godsend to have them back! Perks of the brand? Unlimited mineral water, motion sickness tablets and sweets served on board, with an excellent fleet of land transport and multiple boat departure times. They really do tick all the boxes!

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