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Nuanu feats OXO Living to Create Project Ecoverse. Where Success and Creativity Collide Creating an Exciting New Take on Property Investment in Bali!

Nuanu x Oxo Living

Project “Ecoverse” stands as a pioneering collaboration between Nuanu Property Group (NPG) and OXO Living, heralding a significant evolution in Bali’s real estate sphere. This union aligns OXO’s successful endeavours in Canggu, Umalas, and Berawa with Nuanu’s vision for an eminent creative hub. Construction at the Ecoverse site commenced with the sacred “Ngeruwak” Ceremony, a customary prelude to such substantial ventures in Balinese tradition.

Nuanu x Oxo Living

Vadim Larinov, Co-Founder of Nuanu Property Group, acknowledged early investors’ foresight and dedication to Ecoverse’s ethos, expressing optimism about its role in pioneering sustainable housing. “I am confident Ecoverse will set new standards for environmentally conscious living,” Larinov affirmed.

Ecoverse introduces 49 carefully designed apartments and townhouses, marking a premier investment opportunity within Nuanu City, Bali’s emerging creative nucleus. Designed with foresight, Ecoverse promises an unmatched guest experience, efficient operations, and minimal environmental impact. This forward-thinking residential enclave redefines sustainable investment properties, offering a club, collaborative workspaces, upscale dining, and premium amenities seamlessly integrated into Nuanu City.

Nuanu x Oxo Living

At the heart of Nuanu City lies its ethos-driven community, committed to fostering global transformation. Emphasizing regeneration, the community embraces practices that nurture symbiotic relationships within living systems, surpassing typical sustainability approaches.

Nuanu City’s vision extends to addressing prevalent challenges encountered by residents and visitors in Bali, including waste management improvements, traffic safety enhancements, pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, and dependable water and power systems.

Nuanu x Oxo Living

The OXO Group Indonesia, known for its boutique property development and management, aims to curate a lifestyle defined by unwavering standards, innovative design, impeccable service, and sustainability. Since its establishment in 2015, OXO has curated an impressive portfolio spanning over 20 properties in Bali, encompassing residences, villas, townhouses, studios, and a luxurious 20-meter yacht in the Komodo National Park.

Beyond its role as a residential haven, Ecoverse offers a compelling investment opportunity. Its emphasis on sustainability and modern luxury positions it to attract a discerning demographic, promising potential appreciation for investors.

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