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One on One with…Bali’s Top Interior Designers and Architects

The Yak got down low on a comfy sofa, and chatted with a number of Bali’s top Architects cum Interiors/Concept specialists…Those bricks, mortar and design experts…


Sheilla Joveline Terrukeni – CEO and Founder of Azula Designs.
“Design quality you love at prices you can afford…”



Christin Castillo, Hirsch Bedner Associates / HBA Indonesia.
“HBA is the World’s Leading Hospitality Design Firm!”



Charlie Hearn, Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios.
“We need to be inspired by the spaces we live in, both the built, the natural, and their harmonious existence”



Sasta Jelantik and Jung Yat – dynamic duo co-founders of SHL Asia.
“Timeless Design for Valuable People”



Maximilian Jencquel – Studio Jencquel.
“We tell stories and we like poetry”



Martje Nietzman – Pure by Martje.
“Creating beauty”



Caroline Usher – Ushers Beyond Design Studio.
“Solutions! There are Always Solutions