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Ong Cen Kuang

Where Lighting meets Alchemy & starts a Conversation…


…So we met for this very reason, to have a conversation, at the inspiring “gudang” space of OCK (a.k.a. Ong Cen Kuang Designs) and having walked into its lofty halls we realized that, indeed, Budiman Ong is in fact creating true “alchemy”!


Since “alchemy” is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, Budiman is definitely a 21st century alchemist. “We design through the discovery and understanding our materials’ nature, maximizing their potential by linear exploration.”

Ést voila, he has taken paper and through folding each layer or piece using origami, Budiman has created some amazing shapes for what we usually might consider a standard light source! Next up, he uses crochet to ‘e-ffect’ certain behaviours on very fine wire. He is most well known for his use of zippers that create his Alur range and, most recently, with a downturn in small and mega-hotel projects that he had lined up, he opened a bijou, eco-conscious boutique for interiors and accessories – also focusing on this alchemical habit of his, to change format to fit design form. Check out @JiabyOCK.


Budiman’s Asian heritage has blended well with his western art training, and this ‘cultural encounter’ has created an innovative way of treating the materials that make up each original, handcrafted piece. Traditional craft receives a modern “handling”. Anything “out of the box” would be the norm here at OCK Designs.


Starting OCK in 2008, Budiman’s eclectic and novel approach towards ‘lighting’ has attracted a lot of attention from the media – Elle Indonesia, Elle Decoration France, Today’s Living, Architectural Digest, Cubes, Home Design and so many more.


And, if you are looking to purchase a genuine OCK check out their website and see which global stockist nearest you is operating – Paris, New York, Italy, and London! Alternatively, just connect direct, and have a chat to Budiman about what you would like to commission him to create for your own project. After all, for him, it is all in a day’s work for this alchemical mind.

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