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Out of the box

Bean bags, bunnies and assorted Bali barang.


1: Union Jack bean bag from Soo Santai, Rp.2,095,000 www.soosantai.com

2: LED light by Piment Rouge, Rp.2,670,000 www.pimentrougelighting.com

3: T’s by Norse Projects from Eleven Boutique at Potatohead, www.no-11.com

4: T-shirt & short pants by Nakal, origami bag by Katsunori Ueda, table by Kartel. www.sksbali.com

5: BB transverse boardshort Rp.599,000 www.billabong.com

6: Batukaru by Kevala Home Rp.285,000 www.kevalaceramics.com

7: Chilli Ganache from Pod-Chocolate. Made to order. www.pod-chocolate.com

8: Curly shoes come in a variety of shapes and sizes www.facebook.com/curlybali

9: Camden desk Rp.3,900,000. www.thehobostore.com

10: Bunnie & Clyde resin sculptures available in five colours from www.cowboycivilians.com, Rp.1.300.000 each.