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Passing On Our Legacy Through Timeless Harmony


SHL Asia, a Bali-based hospitality design consultancy, alongside Rusdi Sanad, an international architectural photographer, humbly present a limited-edition book, Timeless Harmony (with only 300 copies being made available). It is a book of design, a book of visuals and a book of culture.


As people who have been in the industry for over a decade, they have seen how Bali slowly but surely changes. Most people on the island sourced their income from tourism and the hospitality industry, which with the rapid development of mass tourism, turned the island into a world class tourism destination. However, at the same time, it shifted the significance and the meaning of culture on a daily basis. Especially when dealing with architecture, foreign influences entered the island and traditions and authenticity were left behind. SHL Asia, in conjunction with Rusdi Sanad, collaborate and contribute according to their individual roles in conserving Balinese culture.


Timeless Harmony introduces the possibly uncommon Balinese philosophy on designs via the lenses of a photographer. As an island with a long history and rich culture, Bali has created its own way of life. Not only the well-known Tri Hita Karana, the Balinese also live based on the concept of Desa Kala Patra (place, time, situation), which some might not have heard of yet, but it is a reflection on the daily life of the Balinese people.


This book consists of five chapters, including the introduction chapter as the main theme of the book, Desa Kala Patra. This phrase, (one of the old Balinese philosophies), is about the flexibility that a society has in order to interpret a certain place (Desa), time (Kala), and situation (Patra) or act and behave accordingly. It is what makes the Balinese progressive and open to foreign influences without losing their identity. This particular concept has become the solid foundation for SHL Asia, in creating their designs and to always be responding accordingly. Each client, each site and each project are never the same as they reflect and project different intentions.


With Rusdi Sanad, as the photographer for Timeless Harmony, SHL Asia are able to showcase the true characters of each property due to his exceptional approach in photography. Sanad captures each property from his unique point of view with a focus on expressing the actual process of the design, based on the architecture, time, and the location of the project, reflecting this concept of Desa Kala Patra into each image.

The book continues with four other chapters each focusing on different aspects of different projects, Desa, Karang Awak, Wana and Pesisi. Every chapter contains different developments across Bali, from villas to hotels and resorts each telling a story inspired by the culture, nature, and the dreams of the people. None of the projects are the same as each is unique in their own way. Sanad successfully captures the harmonious relationship between design, culture and the surroundings, each always interconnected with one another.

Timeless Harmony was made to reflect and share their love and passion into a single tome to be enjoyed by people all over the world, with a greater purpose of reintroducing Balinese culture into todayโ€™s paradigms. It offers a new perspective that often culture is in what we are doing, it is even among us in our daily life, this way people can appreciate it more. Timeless Harmony is an instrument with which to pass on the value of local culture and legacy to future generations. Launching the last quarter of 2021, Timeless Harmony is now available for pre-order. (Click on the link)


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