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Peach & Panda

Peach Panda

Peach and Panda, a privately owned business headquartered in Bali, takes great pride in creating high quality coffees, jams and cookies in attractive and, for the most part, sustainable packaging. The business encompasses its own coffee plantation with an incorporated processing center in Sumatra and coffee roastery and wholesale outlet located in Bali. 

Their truly exceptional products include: 

Arabica Coffees:

Peach Panda

Grown on the Peach and Panda plantation or sourced from neighboring partner farmers, the beans are processed as Semi-washed, Fully-washed or Natural in the connected mill and are roasted in Bali in line with customer requests and specifications. 

  • Single origin from Lintong, North Sumatra
  • Single variety: SL795, TimTim and Onan Ganjang
  • 3 Qualities:  Classic, Premium and Specialty 
  • Beans or Powder for reusable Capsules (Nespresso compatible) 
  • High End Drip Bags (co branding for business partners available
  • Expose and Pricing: Lintong Arabica Expose

Artisan Jams:

Peach pnda

The portfolio of unique jams include 18 different compositions based on seasonal or year-round fruits. This ‘collection’ includes the very rare “Black Pomegranate Rosewater ” and the “Arabica Orange”, made from cold brew Arabica from Peach and Panda’s very own beans and fresh Kintamani oranges. It boasts a very pleasant texture, where the pieces of fruit and spices remain identifiable; thankfully Peach and Panda do not blend the ingredients to a purée. 

  • Exceptional fruit and flavor combinations
  • Very low in sugar (max. 15% added)
  • No chemicals or industrial sugar
  • Only natural preservatives

Expose and Pricing: Artisan Jam Expose


Artisan Cookies:

Peach pnda

The portfolio includes the “national treasure” “Nastar”, where pineapples, grown and processed in Peach and Panda’s own coffee farm, are the base ingredient. Slow cooked to a reduction, they become a super fruity filling. Another favorite are the Rosemary Short Bread Cookies 

  • Only using high quality ingredients
  • No chemicals or industrial sugar 
  • Expose and Pricing: Artisan Cookies Expose

Peach and Panda is also the distributor for the Bentwood Vertical 63 Coffee Grinder brand in Indonesia, and seasonally sells homemade health drinks like Jamu and Jahe.


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