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Peak Solutions International Provides Business Consultancy, Legal and Visa Services.

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Peak Solutions International was founded in 2020 in Bali, Indonesia. Our team comes from a global wealth of knowledge in all business fields. Having started up multiple companies of our own, we know the challenges it can bring setting up companies in foreign countries. From establishing companies, to visas and business investment, we cover every single aspect to ensure your company is set up in a legal and most effective way.

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Freedom from influence and special interests allow us to offer our clients honest and unbiased perspectives.

We relentlessly pursue new and better ways to add value to those we serve. At Peak Solutions, we consider innovation our key to success.

We believe in doing what is right and standing by it. As a financial institution, we strive to be honest and disciplined in all that we do.

We strive to help our clients make the best and most informed investment choices. Our highly skilled Investment Analysts conduct research on a day-to-day basis.

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