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Plaga Farm

Plaga Farm is fostering a sustainable future.

STARTING with a conventional, open-field agricultural system in 1997, Plaga Farm evolved as Bali’s leading hydroponic grower, and today, under PT Agrito Roman Bali, Plaga Farm has been delivering fresh produce to Bali’s kitchens and tables under the keen leadership of C.E.O. and Founder I. Gede Bingin Mustika. This agricultural company started with a humble mission, “To build community wealth through farming and promote a healthier lifestyle”.

In order to ensure that all the fruit and vegetables were of the highest quality, innovation became one of the most essential aspects. Each of the products, which are cultivated within an organic and hydroponic system, is a result of many hours of research and development.

All produce is grown inside a greenhouse, ensuring it is unaffected by seasonal changes. No pesticides are used in the growing, and the optimal environment helps the produce retain its best qualities, without having to rely on preservatives.

What started out as a small establishment has now evolved into a sizeable farm with an outstanding presence across the island of Bali. At its core, Plaga Farm maintains the vision of becoming a leading innovator within the agricultural sector, at the same time as creating a sustainable environment for the next generation.

Plaga Farm is more than just a farm with uncompromising quality; it is a bearer of change, a movement that aims to bring empowerment as well as environmental and economical improvements to local communities.

At Plaga Farm, the company recognises the importance of meeting the needs of its customers, without jeopardising the needs of generations to come. The agriculture system is built upon the concept of sustainability, with special care in waste management and people development. The team has been actively educating people in the community through various programs that are designed to instill awareness on the pressing subject of sustainability. Case studies, regular training, as well as partnerships with like-minded organizations help to spread understanding and commitment to the local communities.

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