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Someone asked us who are The Yak’s favourite fashionistas. Who are they indeed? We thought you’d like to know…
The first tête-a-tête in our “All About Fashion” series catches up with dear friend, and slightly under the radar, fashion talent, Adine Atkinson and her fabulous Adine Undone brand.

How long have we known each other? And what influence do you think The Yak has had over the years in Bali?
We’ve known each other for over a decade now, and I believe the YAK influences people’s perception of the incredible talent … creativity … and the extraordinary culture this Island has to offer to all those who come to bless its shores with their curiosity and love in tow.

How long have you been in the fashion industry, and who was it that gave you that starting “gun”?
Over a decade. The proverbial ‘starting gun’ was given to me by a showroom in Milano called Seco Studio. They got me on the map in Italy way back when I was first starting out.


You’ve changed your brand name a few times – tell us a few names (I can remember a couple) and do you think it was your style evolution that brought all these name changes?
Definitely evolution of my style that brought me the name changes as I moved along the fashion path that has got me to where I am now with ADINE UNDONE. And I am sticking to this name haha!

Has your unique style influenced any surrounding fashion houses / brands on Bali or beyond?
I don’t think so. Fashion brands here in Bali don’t really know of me or my brand as I export abroad and keep a very low profile here on the Island. And I like it that way.

Your brand is the epitome of Slow Fashion – how long can it take to make a piece?
Oh wow … sometimes a full 7 – 10 days to fully hand-bead one of our tie-dyed sequined pieces!!! Most of our garments go through a host of ‘hands on’ processes which lend a true authentic vibe to what we do. I even process metal sequins with my own bare hands to render them a deep hue of metallic gorgeous-ness … the signature of my label.


How many processes could a piece of fabric go through until it hits the high street?
Five to nine processes, if we include dry-stone wash on our hand-dyed and tie-dyed pieces.

Talking of high street, where can we currently purchase an Adine Undone?
We are selling to high-end boutiques throughout Australia, New Zealand & Canada. We’ve just made plans to move into the U.S market starting with Miami & L.A and back to Europe as soon as this C19 mess eases up.

Will there be an Adine Undone showroom or atelier any time soon?
We’re in the middle of building our new studio space here in Bali that will function as an Atelier slash studio HQ once all is finished … We definitely want a flag-ship store as soon as its economically possible!


Describe your brand’s style in under 20 words.

Describe who buys and wears your pieces in under 20 words.
Women who love a commercial twist on non-mass-produced gear.

Proudest moment in your life?
Closing the new studio door as I looked over the huge space that I built off the back of my own sweat equity and bare hands literally!


Hardest moment in your life?
Getting over my motorbike accident trauma on my own with no family or friends here on the island to help me. But I did it and it only made me stronger and more determined to succeed. My motto … never f*cking [expletive] quit!!!

Exciting things are coming your way. What are you most losing sleep over?
I lose sleep over design ideas & what I’m going to do with bolts of fabric I spend all my money on to make samples with. And how I am going to keep pushing forward in these very difficult economic times while I sustain a very large community of local families in Bali, their livelihoods depend on me!


What do you do to relax and get out of your creative mindset?
Work out … or float on my back in the pool with my head midway beneath the water’s surface, looking up at the sky, listening to my breathing and speaking with the Universe. This relaxes me greatly.

Bucket list of celebrities that you would like to see wearing your threads?
Hailey Beiber, Deborah Harry, Maja Wyh, and Sophie Digby! (The Yak: You know I already own a few of your fabulous pieces <3 – inimitable Adine!!)Undine

What other designers do you wear if any?
My all time favorite designer is CHRISTOPHE DECARNIN for Balmain before Olivier Rousteing took his place.

And lastly, would you consider doing any co-branding collaborations? Are we thinking “…Adine Undone” for The Yak merchandise or similar I wonder? 😉

Networking is key to success … therefore I would most definitely consider it especially for my beloved Sophie, who has always been kind, funny & generous with me!

Thank you so much for your time Adine, now let’s to that wine and those tapas… and foie gras hahaa … Baci amore mio e grazie mucho!


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