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Rip Curl Opens Coral Nursery in Sanur

Innovative new project in Sanur aims to educate and amaze divers – and help to restore coral to the area.

Rip Curl, the Rip Curl School of Surf and the Prama Sanur Beach Hotel are proud to announce their support and collaboration with the NGO “Ocean Gardener”, with the installation of their first Coral Gardener nursery in front of the Rip Curl School of Surf – Sanur center at the Prama Sanur Beach Hotel as the new Prama Sanur Beach Hotel and Rip Curl Planet Social, Environmental and Responsibility project for Indonesia.

The Prama, Rip Curl and the Rip Curl School of Surf will be working with other local hotels, resorts, dive centers and schools in Bali to educate our community and visitors on the importance of coral reefs and restoration of reefs in Sanur; replenish numbers of reef fish, provide natural protection from high seas and storms which annually destroy the Sanur beach fronts.

Ocean Gardener is an NGO founded in 2016, and dedicated to coral reef restoration and coral education. It has been funded over the desire to provide 20 years experience in Coral Farming, in Indonesia, to use this coral farm for education purpose. At the end of the last century, the founders of the Coral Gardener created the first commercial coral mariculture farms in Indonesia, to allow coastal community to create a livelihood, a reason to protect and to restore the reefs in their villages.

Sustainable Coral Farming, is the practice of farming using principle of ecology, the study of relationship between organisms and their environment. Farming the right species in the right environment. It helps coastal communities to receive income from maintaining and gardening the ocean the same way they do on land. Part of the coral harvested are used to restore other parts of the reef, other are used to sell as live aquarium specimen.

The Ocean Gardener projects provide livelihood to thousands of coastal families around Indonesia, working with village cooperative, association of fisherman, to bring them income, preserve and restore their reefs. We planted tens of thousands of corals, and want to level up the speed of restoration, by using all the different restoration methods adapted to the different environment and species of corals.

The new coral nursery will be open to the public as of the 22ndth of April 2019 with Coral Experience programs offered by the Prama Sanur Beach Hotel and the Rip Curl School of Surf. Coral diver and Coral diver certification programs will also be on offer from the Blue Oasis Dive center at the Rip Curl School of Surf – Sanur center in the Prama Sanur Beach Hotel. For inquires and more information about the Ocean Gardener please contact Nikki at info@oceangardener.org