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Rüsters Furniture – Minimalist Scandinavian meets Modified Mid-century Modern


So what does furniture by Rüsters bring to Bali’s expansive meuble-scape? It brings a unique ‘minimalist Scandinavian meets modified mid-century modern’ style, crafted by the renowned talent of Kudus craftsmanship. Kudus? You might or might not have heard of this prominent Javanese centre for woodcarving and artistry, which for centuries has carved the stunning Kudus houses that now dot the globe. It is the quiet Indonesian achiever of all things wood and furniture.


Rüsters’ modern manufacturing capabilities ensure that every step of their branded, creative process is carried out in-house and so exceptional standards and flexibility of design are de rigeur. The frequently updated catalogue offers individual or contract-service industry clients the best possible quality, value and designs.


Rumah Hujan, Bali with Studio Jencquel

With mixes of teak and oak, one can choose from over 100 design styles of chairs, armchairs, dining chairs – both indoors and outdoors – in addition to sleek commodes, beds, bedside tables, stools and bar stools, sideboards, sun loungers, dining tables and more, are lovingly crafted all under ‘one roof’, with one excellent source of workmanship and a very high standard of quality control.


Currently Rüsters is setting the trend using wood, metal, leather and wool combinations with the latest movement being the use of rope. Procurement companies for Rüster- designed furniture are based in most examples to Europe, US and NZ.


Diamond Cabinet at Avra Apartments

Rüsters is now the go-to for the high-end global resort brands, With a portfolio of exciting indoor and outdoor designs, one that is continually being added to, Rüsters definitely offers the best quality price value with cutting edge designs.


Casa Cook Chania

Their team also welcomes enquiries from designers, architects and individuals looking to produce custom-designed furniture and products for their own personal projects. And welcoming to visit our showroom in Ubud, Bali for hands-on experience.


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