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Sababay’s Annual Festival to Celebrate Passion, Creativity and Life! Winesday at The Winery – 24th June 2023


Winesday at The Winery Vol.2 – Festivalokal

This is a special event to celebrate passion, creativity and life through a fabulous one-day Art festival at Sababay’s home-base and winery; the House of Sababay. Opening their doors to experience the state-of-the-art, New Latitude wine production, they invite you to have fun and play games in their authentic, tropical garden, enjoy refreshing New Latitude wines & grape-based cocktails, whilst being entertained by talented musicians, such as Soul Food, The Namex, with Truedy inviting you to a sing-along with dance tunes hosted by a well- known 80s DJ: Diskopantera, all music is organised under the auspices of Antida Music.

The festival also offers workshops & classes, from learning how to make cocktails, to painting, or to simply getting your nails done. And of course, these experiences are completed by their curated restaurant & café partners, serving the best festival food the island has to offer. The event will be held on Saturday, 24th June 2023, starting from 2pm, in the Sababay Winery, Gianyar, and is opentomorethan500visitors.

Tickets are available on www.megatix.co.id

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