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Sacha Stone’s NewEarth Haven. Are You In?

Sacha Stone and friends have created NewEarth Haven Bali to explore creativity and self realisation in the hopes of improving our world, writes Stephanie Mee. Portrait: Gaelin Miriam Larick.

For the past year, Ubudians of a certain mind-set have been whispering about NewEarth Haven Bali, an experiential space in the rice fields of Keliki where free-spirited people gather for ecstatic dance sessions, holistic healing workshops and short or long-term getaways in bio architecture eco domes designed specifically to increase vibrational energy.

Designed by former rock musician Sacha Stone, NewEarth Haven Bali aims to be more than just a gathering spot and accommodation option, but rather what Sacha calls, “a source code for a new kind of civilizational model”.

When Sacha first came across the NewEarth Haven Bali site 11 years ago, he knew that this was where he wanted to build a retreat. However, being deeply committed to conscious living, he didn’t want to create just another cookie-cutter retreat, but rather a special space that would integrate with the natural environment, promote physical and mental well being, and be a community hub for his NewEarth Nation movement.

To bring his vision to life, Sacha teamed up with bio architect Juan Schlosser, and together they used principles of sacred geometry, feng shui and the patterns and systems that exist in nature to create harmonious living spaces that allow air, light and energy to flow freely.

Sacha says, “Bio architecture by definition feeds your DNA and life with affirmation. When you sleep in a bio resonant dwelling overnight and wake up in the morning, there’s a special fractality that comes in, as opposed to shitty little concrete bunkers with flickering mercury light bulbs that poison and calcify our pineal glands, entrap psychic energy, and make us sleep badly. I mean it’s insane the way we build places these days.

“If you want to engage in a blissful reality then you need to start with taking responsibility for your built environment. You need to look around you and say, ‘How do I want to live? Do I want to live in a fluid, feminised, affirmative environment that is lush and green and fractal and energised or do I want to go and buy some tin can and live that way but make a good saving on the side?”
Eschewing the tin can model, Sacha and Juan built Villa Akasha, the main dwelling with a separate geodesic dome, Akasha Restaurant with a shisha lounge, juice bar and pizza oven, the bio domes surrounded by working rice fields, and an organic permaculture garden to supply the restaurant with fresh ingredients for healthy plant-based cuisine.

With this infrastructure in place, NewEarth Haven Bali was officially born as the first ‘on-the-ground’ community hub for the NewEarth Project, an open platform that Sacha hopes will unite humanity in the shared goal of in ushering in a new era of planetary wellbeing, peace and prosperity.

He says, “In 2013 I began NewEarth Nation, which is a movement of sovereign, conscious people from all around the world who decide to step outside of the fiction of being a registered citizen to the state or the crown. Government by definition delivers war, disease and poverty. If you don’t want that as a reality, then change it by reverse engineering government and bringing it back to serve people and not to serve corporations. That’s what this is here – the first flagship experiment.

“NewEarth Haven Bali is a social ecology blueprint for the NewEarth metric and vision which we are seeding and proving in multiple locations around the world including Sweden, Ecuador, Sierra Leone and India. In the spirit of unity, the vision for this project is to create the space to bring like minds and hearts together to create tangible, sustainable and actionable solutions to the greatest challenges facing humanity.”

Sacha and his team at NewEarth Haven Bali hope that the space will be a grass roots hub where people can explore their creativity and self-realisation in a loving community environment.

“It was not set up as a commercial resort, but more as a place that has all the beauty and all the excellence that you would expect at a five-star resort, but it’s organic and connected more to people and community,” says Sacha. “If people out there wish to lean their flame in toward sovereignty, consciousness and creative expansion then you’ll find a very welcome family here.”

For those who wish to join the NewEarth Haven Bali community, they host a number of events every month including celebrations of music, dance and art, workshops with wisdom keepers and healers, discussion panels about science, arts, architecture and politics, yoga classes and more. The eco domes are also available as nightly bookings and timeshares, and Villa Akasha can be rented by the night.